Top Small 5th Wheel Toy Haulers

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Small 5th Wheel Toy Haulers

Ever since the Shining, I’ve had a bad feeling about hotels. And since every human’s dream involves a little need to travel the world, I’ve decided to talk about haulers. So here are 10 of the best small 5th wheel toy haulers.

These vehicles are among the most suitable options for combining residence with travel.

They usually have most living accommodations, including a kitchen and a bathroom (all haulers on the list have one bathroom with a shower). They are engineered specifically for the road.

Who Makes The Top 5th Wheel Toy Hauler?

There’s a wide variety of haulers with versatile features and capabilities. And since smaller trailers have been the current trend, I made a list of the small 5th wheel toy haulers on the market.

Here’s the summary. Click the links to skip ahead:

KZ Sportster 280th

  • 32′ 8″
  • $39k

Dune Sport

  • 24′
  • $26k

Heartland Fuel 322

  • 34′ 9″
  • $40k

Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 369AMP

  • 39′ 10″
  • $70k

Keystone Montana High Country 381TH

  • 41′ 5″
  • $65k

Grand Design Momentum 376TH

  • 41′ 3″
  • $80k

Forest River Spartan

  • 40′ 8″
  • $40k

Keystone Raptor

  • 42′ 6″
  • $70k

Jayco Talon 413T Toy Hauler

  • 41′
  • $50k

1. KZ Sportster 280th

KZ Sportster 280th

Bottom Line: Our first pick, the KZ Sportster 260TH, is all about space. Although it isn’t the smallest trailer on the list, it’s designed to provide you with maximum space, especially for sleeping.
Exterior Length: 32′ 8″
Price: $39,000+


The hauler features a queen bed, a 72″ rollover jiffy, and an optional 60″ power bed. Its front storage area also empties more space for additional items.

It provides flexibility through its recliner chair and movable table. You can also enjoy your meals outdoors underneath the 14′ power awning.

 What we liked: 
  • Dehco 3-year cold crack warranty
  •  K-Z 24-month limited warranty (covers +1,500 operation codes)
 What we did not like: 
  • The refrigerator is only 8 cu.ft.


2. Dune Sport

dunesport 24ft

Bottom Line: If you want the absolute smallest 5th wheel toy hauler, then you have to consider the Dunesport (24 foot). This custom-built camper is an awesome blend of priced-just-right, lightweight and practical. It reminds me of a Man-Cave on wheels! 🙂
Exterior Length: 24′
Price: $26,000+

The Dune Sport Hauler is the RV you’d usually picture next to a BBQ party. With sturdy workmanship and impressive customization, it certainly deserves to be on the list.


It’s one of the few haulers with a low profile, which is practical for fuel consumption. Moreover, it features a full-length electric awning and an electronic leveling system.

A quite remarkable feature is that Dune Sport lets you customize the trailer. Some custom doors allow you to access the cabinets from the inside or outside.

If you are looking for an ultra lightweight toy hauler, we wrote a guide on those as well.

Walls and windows can also be orientated differently, and you won’t be charged extra for these changes.

 What we liked: 
  • MorRyde steps that reduce wobbling and instability
  • 55-gallon drum smokers
 What we did not like: 
  • Doesn’t include some of the “fanciness” of other models.

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3. Heartland Fuel 322

Heartland Fuel 322

Bottom Line: Our final hauler, the Heartland Fuel, comes with enough space for all your bikes, ATV’s or even side-by-sides. The Fuel lineup comes with numerous Travel Trailer and 5th wheel floor plans, but the 322 model is the smallest 5th wheel toy hauler that they make. Measuring only 34 feet total, there’s a 17 foot garage!
Exterior Length: 34′ 9″
Price: $40,000+


The trailer’s components have high quality, with 7,000 lb Dexter axles, covered by a 6-year warranty, and standard steel appliances.

The underbelly is enclosed with forced air heat, and there are tinted glass windows for safety. I also admired how the roof was walk-able, and the exterior speakers are perfect for outdoor fun.

 What we liked: 
  • 13′ Separate Garage
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Package
 What we did not like: 
  • Thin retaining pin on front leveling jack

4. Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 369AMP

Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 369AMP

Bottom Line: This 5th wheel toy hauler is a luxurious model and one of our favorites. If you want a camper that feels like a custom home, look no further! There are 5+ floorplans, but we found the 369 is the shortest toy hauler model. As a bonus, Forest River’s customer service is superb.
Exterior Length: 39′ 10″
Price: $70,000+


The hauler’s shaker-style cabinetry and steel enforced tie-downs ensure both comfort and safety.

Air conditioners and heat are ducted throughout the trailer, maintaining adequate room temperatures.

The cargo flooring is rubberized, making it durable and easier to clean. Also, the high rise kitchen faucet and brushed nickel hardware are some of its high-quality features.

 What we liked: 
  • Fully Enclosed “Body-Armor” Underbelly
  • Plush furniture and bedding
  • 6-point hydraulic level-up
  • 7,000 lb Dexter axles
  • Power Theater seating
 What we did not like: 
  • Expensive
  • Occasional Heater issues

5. Keystone Montana High Country 381TH

Keystone Montana High Country 381TH

Bottom Line: Up next is the Montana High Country 381th. This 5th wheel toy hauler is loaded with high-quality and luxurious features.
Exterior Length: 41′ 5″
Price: $65,000+


The trailer provides a comfortable setting. An LED fireplace beneath its HD LED TV is set in the front living area. And has a multitude of seating choices.

The kitchen includes a hutch and 3 cooktop-burners. Its refrigerator’s an 18 cu. ft. Residential French door with an ice maker.

Moreover, the garage has a queen bed, which you can lift when needed. This provides enough space for parking your motorcycle or golf cart.

 What we liked: 
  • Front Patent-Pending Windshield
  • Seamless PLYVENEER floor decking
 What we did not like: 
  • Requires frequent repairs
  • Only two air conditioners for a 41 Ft. RV

6. Grand Design Momentum 376TH

Grand Design Momentum 376TH

Bottom Line: With a length of 41 Ft. 3 in and an external height of 13 Ft. 5 in, the Grand Design Momentum 376th provides almost the same size as the Montana 381th. However, what makes it unique is its below-floor garage, outside kitchen and TV, and its central vacuum system.
Exterior Length: 41′ 3″
Price: $80,000+


For moderating your RV’s interior temperature, four-season Weather-Tek insulation is installed. Most importantly, it provides its own enclosed fuel pump station.

The interior includes a sofa with the headrest and removable swivel tables. Also, the kitchen has a convection microwave.

Other features include a Tuff-Ply garage flooring that’s oil and gas resistant, which contains a 2,500 lb flush-mount-tie downs to secure your toys while driving.

 What we liked: 
  • Satellite and Solar roof access channel
  • Four-season weather insulation
 What we did not like: 
  • One of the most expensive on the list

7. Forest River Spartan

spartan 3210

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a used model, consider the Spartan. You can scoop them up for around $40,000 in good condition. These are great, small 5th wheel toy haulers at a decent price.  
Exterior Length: 40′ 8″
Price: $40,000+



You can store all your gear in the overhead section by the cargo area. There is also additional overhead storage by the queen-sized bed.

The kitchen area has a three burner range. In addition to the 8 cu. ft. refrigerator, there is a pantry for storing food items and dishes.

The hauler features dual slides for more interior space. Moreover, the dual folding sofas and side man door in the cargo area allow for extra sleeping spaces.

spartan 3210 floor plan

 What we liked: 
  • Happijac electric lift system
  • L-shaped counter for easier cleaning
 What we did not like: 
  • Frequent complaints with cable wirings
  • No backup lights or backup camera
  • The back screen’s open and bugs come in

8. Keystone Raptor

Keystone RV Raptor

Bottom Line: The Raptor toy hauler defines elegance. Its furniture and advanced kitchen items make it almost equivalent to a small apartment.
Exterior Length: 42′ 6″
Price: $70,000+


One of its most remarkable features is the color-coded electric wiring system. This facilitates the troubleshooting of electrical products when needed.

Like the Montana high country, its kitchen also has an 18 cu. ft. refrigerator. The freshwater’s capacity is 75 gallons, whereas both the waste and gray water’s capacity are 53 gallons.

Furthermore, the garage holds two convertible sofas and a twin-sized loft. This convenient resting spot is also warmed with the in-floor heating system.

 What we liked: 
  • A 3-year limited structural warranty
  • 12′ Separate Garage
  • In-floor heating system
 What we did not like: 
  • Sometimes has defective lights

9. Jayco Talon 413T Toy Hauler

Jayco Talon

Bottom Line: The Jayco Talon excels in providing comfort. It’s entire design is engineered to provide ultimate comfort. 
Exterior Length: 41′
Price: $50,000+


The storage doors are locked using a single key system. This means that you only need to remember where you put that one key that opens the entire unit.

The tires are H-rated (16″ Ply), and it also has an electric awning lined with LED lighting. There are sofa beds and a pull-down ramp door screen, which clears more space.

 What we liked: 
  • Jayco-exclusive Simmons mattress
  • Includes full and half bathroom
 What we did not like: 
  • No heated interior

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What Features Do You Need In a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler?

You can see after reviewing all these haulers are the size of a literal house. You maybe need to increase the towing capacity on your truck to haul them.

Let’s look at some other features to consider before you run out and buy one of these small 5th wheel toy haulers.


You should know the length, width and height of your camper or RV before you hit the road. We wrote an entire guide to 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer and RV Dimensions so check it out if you’re new to the hauler scene.

Basically some states require a CDL if your trailer is over 8′ 6″ or the GVWR exceeds a certain amount. Certain parks have length and width limits as well.

Cargo Carrying Capacity

This is usually the first aspect to inspect before buying your hauler. Cargo Carrying Capacity, or simply CCC, is the safe amount of weight the trailer can legally carry.

Most manufacturers are already required to post a sticker on their trailers indicating the value. For a full-time living in a 5th wheel toy hauler, the least sufficient amount of CCC is 3500 lbs.


Lippert axles are the most commonly used among 5th wheel haulers. However, due to numerous complaints and frequent issues, Dexter axles are favored.

This could be seen through the article where I considered any Dexter axles to be an advantage, as it’s regarded as a premium feature by most users.


Most tires are chosen based on how much “Ply” they have. Ply is the unit by which we measure the tire’s ability to hold air pressure and carry weight.

Considering the average cargo capacity, the G-rated (14 Ply) tires seem to work just fine. They usually go well with 7,000 lb axles.

5th Wheel Vs Travel Trailers

5th wheel icon
5th Wheel
travel trailer icon
travel trailer


Points of Comparison 5th Wheel  Travel Trailers 
Compatibility  Usually requires 3/4 ton pickups, although there are some Half Ton Towable 5th Wheels on the market. Travel Trailer weights are lighter, and some can be towed by SUVs or half-ton pickups
  • More adequate for recreating a living area
  • Suitable for longer camping rides
  • Less living space and lower roofs
  • Can’t be sustained for longer rides  without given facilities 
Fuel Efficiency and Cost
  • Slows down the towed vehicle and reduces fuel efficiency 
  • Quite expensive due to possessing additional features 
  • Is relatively more efficient in fuel consumption
  • Costs less than a comparable hauler



I know that Ben 10’s grandpa made it seem much easier than it really is. But a hauler almost resembles a house, so it does require additional work.

So if I had to choose, I’d prefer having the KZ Sportster 280th, since it requires minimal technical troubleshooting, and provides unique features such as the spacious residence and movable furniture.

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