P0299 OBD2 Trouble Code – Time to check that turbo!

P0299 OBD2 Trouble Code

Meaning of P0299 OBD2 Generic Code The technical definition of P0299 code is: Turbocharger/Supercharger “A” Underboost Condition. In certain Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, the definition of is: Boost Pressure Regulation Control Range Not Reached Simply put, this trouble code signifies a lack of boost from the forced-induction system in your vehicle. It could be due … Read more

P0200 OBD2 Trouble Code ?- Check those Fuel Injectors!

P0200 OBD2 Trouble Code

  Meaning of P0200 Generic OBD2 Trouble Code The technical definition of P0200 code is: Injector Circuit Malfunction This means the ECU is detecting a short, open circuit, or out of range performance from the fuel injectors. When the check engine light illuminates and the DTC is displayed, the engine will run in failsafe mode … Read more