Best Synthetic Motor Oil Comparison Chart of 2018

best synthetic motor oil comparison

Vince here to talk about lubrication! If you’re looking for the best synthetic motor oil for your car or pickup, then this is the perfect article for you!

Your vehicle’s engine needs proper lubrication at all times. This enables the engine to work efficiently, and also protects it. Lubrication will ensure you enjoy many miles in your vehicle. So, what do you need to guarantee this?

What is the best synthetic motor oil of 2017?


Oil lubricates your engine as it’s sent throughout the engine. It forms a layer around metal components so moving parts can operate smoothly. Oil protects these parts against rust and also against wear and tear. Here are a few tips so you can choose the best type of oil for your vehicle.

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Our Top 5 Best Synthetic Motor Oil Guide Summary:

  • 1. Royal Purple 51530
  • 2. Castrol 03087 EDGE Extended Performance
  • 3. Castrol 03083 EDGE (non Extended performance?)
  • 4. Valvoline 5W-30 SynPower
  • 5. Mobil 1 120764

Top 5 Best Synthetic Motor Oil Guide Summary

Through the years, technology made it possible to manufacture more efficient oil products. All motor oils are extracted from crude oil. Crude oil comes from a mining process underground. New methods extracted more dynamic lubricants from crude oil, so engines using these oils work even better. Oils can be grouped in two types:

Conventional oils

Conventional oils are made from crude oil and have been used for years. The substance is less refined than synthetic oils. Conventional oils can lubricate an engine, but it tends to break down and leave deposits on engine components. The residue that conventional oils leaves can be sticky instead of creating a smooth surface.

Synthetic oils

Synthetic oils evolved along with technology. New methods enabled scientists to extract a more refined oil that’s more beneficial to engine functioning. The differences from conventional oils include:

  • Impurities are removed
  • There are less chance of residue forming
  • The chemicals that make up the oil are customized. They can then perform more in line with what an engine requires for optimal functioning

Read more about conventional oils vs synthetic oils.

How oil helps your engine

Oil is used throughout your engine, and you need to make sure there’s enough of the substance so your engine’s parts can be well lubricated. This lubrication benefits your car as well as your budget in the following ways:

  • Oil creates smooth surfaces in moving parts. Less friction turns into less damage. Without resistance, the engine parts don’t wear out as easily; there’s less damage, less breakage and therefore, fewer replacements are necessary
  • Oil ensures that all parts easily move, which has an effect on how hard your engine has to work. If parts move effortlessly, less power is needed. You’ll use less fuel and have fewer emissions
  • Oil absorbs some of the heat created by friction in the engine. This allows parts to work more effectively and prevents heat damage. It helps keep your engine from overheating

Benefits of synthetic motor oils vs conventional oil

The unique chemical makeup of synthetic oil means it performs differently than other oil. If you put synthetic oil into your vehicle, you’ll see the following benefits:

  • Your engine temperatures will be lower
  • Synthetic oil flows freely, even at low temperatures. This means it protects your vehicle’s parts even while your car is warming up
  • Synthetic oil doesn’t thin at high temperatures. When your car becomes extremely hot, your engine parts will still be well protected

What to look for when shopping for the ideal motor oil


Don’t let your engine blow up because you didn’t use quality oil!

If you’re staring at oil containers, unsure of which ones are worth the buy, look for these features:

  • An oil that has an excellent viscosity, so it helps the engine run in cold and hot temperatures
  • An oil which will decrease friction so an engine runs smoothly and economically
  • Oil can contain some chemical additives that assist in looking after the engine. Additives help to break down residue so your engine stays clean and functions well.

Now that you know what to look out for, browse through these synthetic oils below and look for the one that most impresses and fulfills your vehicle’s requirements.

Our 5 Best Synthetic Engine Oils with Brief Reviews

Quick Overview

RankSynthetic OilOur ReviewCost

Royal Purple 51530

Royal Purple 51530 small img
read more$$

Castrol 03087 EDGE Extended Performance

Castrol 03087 EDGE Extended Performance small img
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Castrol 03083 EDGE

Castrol 03083 EDGE small img
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Valvoline SynPower

Valvoline SynPower small img
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Mobil 1 120764

Mobil 1 120764 small img
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Best Overall Synthetic Motor Oil: Royal Purple 51530

The Royal Purple brand name reminds you of luxury and excellence. Your vehicle’s engine will run with excellence if you purchase this oil, and it will make sure your engine has enough of it at all times. This product is specifically for gasoline engines. You can purchase the oil in a range of sizes, so if it’s the oil you prefer you can keep stock of it for regular use.


  • The engine won’t wear as easily
  • Less corrosion will take place
  • It protects the engine, especially catalytic emission systems
  • As a result of using this oil in your car’s engine, you’ll experience improved fuel efficiency
  • The oil can be used if the fuel you prefer contains ethanol
  • The oil is moderately priced
  • If you purchase the oil from an authorized seller, you may receive warrantees
  • You don’t have to clean your engine before switching to Royal Purple. It’s compatible with many other oils, so you can simply start adding it to the oil tank
  • Royal Purple can be used in very old engines
  • This oil is safe for use in new engines, though you should wait until the first servicing as a precaution


  • This oil can’t be used in diesel engines.
  • Price – this is on the more expensive side of synth oils


Royal Purple oil gives engines the royal treatment. Your engine will function far better than before, as it protects and lubricates well. At an affordable price, this is definitely a product to put on the shopping list.

Read my Full Royal Purple High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil Review HERE


Best long life synthetic oil: Castrol 03087 EDGE Extended Performance


The well-known Castrol company offers you this product that was developed after extensive research. The additives Castrol uses enhance the oil’s performance so your vehicle draws many benefits. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Castrol added titanium particles to the oil. This enables the oil to give protection against wear and tear. This additive makes it more durable than many other oils on the market
  • This Castrol oil is so durable and efficient that your car will run for up to 15,000 miles before it needs an oil change
  • Castrol isn’t cheap, but it comes at a very reasonable price
  • This is such an efficient oil that it meet dexos1 standards. You can use this in your GM vehicle and be sure that it will only improve its performance


  • We haven’t found one?


As always, Castrol offers an excellent product to customers. Whether you have an old car or a brand new truck, you’ll love the efficiency with which your engine will run.

Wanna know more about how awesome this oil is? Check out Matt’s Castrol EDGE Extended Performance Synthetic Motor Oil Review

Another great Synthetic Oil: Castrol 03083 EDGE

If you compare the Castrol 03083 vs the Castrol 03087 you will not find much difference. From what we’ve found, the 03083 claims to meet a bunch of requirements by Dexos1. and cost a few dollars more. If you’re really concerned about getting the best synthetic motor oil for your car, give the Castrol 03083 a try. Otherwise the Castrol 03087 lasts longer between oil changes and is cheaper.



  • This Castrol product is even more affordable than other Castrol oils. You get exceptional efficiency at an amazing price
  • This oil is your answer if your engine has a lot of residue and deposits. These can easily let engine performance deteriorate. Castrol 03083 fights these deposits so you’re left with a cleaner engine that’s more efficient
  • This oil meets dexos1 standards, so it’s beneficial for high-performance cars such as Chryslers. If it’s good enough for these cars, it will be good enough for yours.


  • Not all Castrol oils come with a nozzle. Unfortunately spillage is inevitable if you have to manage a heavy bottle without proper pouring equipment. A funnel can help in this regard, but it’s unfortunate when oil companies don’t make necessary provisions to help their clients.


A car can only function to its full potential if you use the best products. This Castrol product is one that will bring the best out of your engine. Start experiencing what your car can do today.

Best American owned and operated motor oil: Valvoline SynPower

The Valvoline company was started in the 1800’s. They have been part of motor history since the very beginning, so you can be sure they know what clients require. This Valvoline oil product has a range of features that will improve your engine’s functionality. Let’s look at a few.


  • This oil will make sure your engine is as clean as possible because it prevents sludge buildup; there will be less friction and less residue formation. The oil clings to engine parts in a thin layer, which is ideal as lubrication
  • No matter what temperatures you’re driving in, this is the oil you want in your engine:
  • At low temperatures, the oil will still flow smoothly so your engine won’t be damaged while it’s warming up
  • At high temperatures, the oil will help manage the engine’s heat levels. This is done by absorbing some of the heat and preventing friction. Less friction means engine temperatures don’t rise as much
  • You’ll love it when you realize how much your fuel efficiency increases after pouring this into your engine. This is brought about by lubricating parts so they need less power and fuel to move
  • The oil is available in various size containers, so you can purchase one that’s most economical for the size of your car’s engine
  • Even supercharged vehicles can benefit from using this oil, so no matter what you’re driving, your car will show the many benefits


  • Valvoline is slightly more expensive than many other oils on the market. You’re paying for the American-made quality.


You need to decide whether your budget or your car’s engine is the most important. You may save quite a lot of money if you purchase the correct oil, instead of trusting cheaper products. Quality oils prevent damage so fewer repairs and replacements are necessary. In the long run, it may be beneficial to purchase this expensive motor oil, because it will definitely preserve your engine so you get more miles out of it.


Best Cheap Synthetic Motor Oil: Mobil 1 120764

Mobil is synonymous with any car scenario. For more than a century, this company has helped vehicle owners look after their assets. This motor oil is a continuation of this legacy, because it will help you have the best experience possible in your vehicle.


  • Even though it’s such a well-known brand, you don’t have to pay a fortune to benefit from Mobil products. This motor oil can be purchased at such a decent price, that anyone can maintain their vehicle with quality products
  • The oil basically offers everything you want from an oil product:
  • There will be less residue and build ups if you pour this into your engine
  • It helps maintain consistent temperatures by absorbing heat
  • It protects engine parts even when the car is still warming up, because the oil runs freely at any temperature
  • You’ll experience fuel economy because engine parts can move without any resistance, thanks to excellent lubrication
  • Your engine will stay in excellent condition for a long time, thanks to all these protective features mentioned above


  • Difficult to find in stock


Mobil offers you an excellent product at an affordable price. You’ll love how easy it is to look after your car, by using quality products. Using them decreases the amount of effort you need to put in to keep your car in perfect condition.

Final Verdict

We hope this guide the choosing the best synthetic engine oil has helped you. We use and recommend each product on this list, but if we had to pick one, we would vote Royal Purple as the best synthetic motor oil of 2017.

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Taking care of your vehicle can become quite expensive, because you need many products to look after your vehicle’s different parts. Oil protects your engine, which is the vital part of your vehicle if you want to travel at all. It’s worth paying a little extra to ensure you give your car the best. Luckily, many well-known brands offer motor oil at reasonable prices.

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