How to Check Air Pressure and Inflate Tires

inflate tires

Nearly 10 percent of all car accidents happen because of faulty tires. Each year, 3,200 people are seriously injured in a car accident that was a direct result of poor tire pressure. These statistics should inspire you to want to learn how to check tire pressure and inflate tires — if not for yourself, for … Read more

Five of the Best Microfiber Towels for Car Detailing and Waxing (2018 Edition)

Best Microfiber Towels

Ditch the Foam and Terry Cloth! Vince here to bring you another knowledge bomb on keeping your vehicle looking fine! Today we’re going over five of the best microfiber towels for car detailing and waxing. Whether you need bulk microfiber towels, microfiber towels for spray wax, or towels for general automotive detailing purposes, we’ve got … Read more

Top Cars Worth Investing 2018

Top Cars Worth Investing

Looking to flip a car and make some extra cash? You don’t necessarily need to be a mechanic to make money restoring and selling used cars (although it can be helpful). The secret is in finding a good deal. You also don’t need to be a millionaire to try your hand at this business. Buying … Read more