Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil Review

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Motor oil is quite a popular topic – it is one of the essential maintenance activities you need to perform on your car at fixed intervals. If you are looking for enhanced longevity for your vehicle, keep reading to find out more about Valvoline Premium Conventional motor oil to find out about its best qualities, ensuring full-time engine protection.

We will also take a look at what motor oil is, how to change it, and the importance of using a high-quality product like Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil. So let’s see what it has on offer.

Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil Review

Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil

This motor oil is specially designed to protect your engine fully. The durable oil is created so that it contains both multi-viscosity and mono-grade formulations; while the multi-viscosity grades offer you enhanced protection in literally all types of climates, this product also includes the mono-grade oil which is specially designed for warmer conditions. Therefore, this motor oil is perfect all year round, ensuring protection in all weather conditions.

Who benefits from this motor oil?

This product can be used by anyone who has a car, especially if you want to keep your vehicle performing at its optimal level.

What’s included?

In the package, you will receive three 5-quart bottles of Valvoline Premium motor oil that boasts their new packaging, which will keep your engine clean no matter what temperature it is running at.

Overview of features

Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil is our top pick due to its high-quality properties. It protects the engine at all temperatures, keeping away all types of deposits. The motor oil contains extremely durable anti-wear additives that have prolonged life in the oil. These additives enhanced the protection and oxidation control, which prevent oil thickening. The anti-wear security is well above the wear tests in Europe, the USA, and Japan. This motor oil is a detergent for gasoline engines.

If you try this motor oil once, it is hard not to notice the high-quality. Professionals, such as car experts and mechanics, often praise the motor oil as every time you take the engine apart, this motor oil leaves it clean, with no visible signs of wear and tear. It is perfect for a wide variety of cars and motors, and it also comes at an affordable price!

Why does it work so well?

Valvoline Premium Conventional motor oil is essential for the longevity of your car. Why? Firstly, it acts to successfully minimize the friction between the moving parts and reduce wear. A significant benefit of Valvoline motor oil is its ability to clean all the components correctly.

Additives ensure the cleanliness function. The detergents and dispersants prevent particles of dirt and debris from attaching to components and damaging them, such as piston rings. The dispersants, on the other hand, help the oil to keep all the contaminants and dirt particles suspended in the oil.

Another benefit of using Valvoline motor oil is that it reduces the temperature of the moving parts. By lubricating them appropriately, the motor oil reduces the overall temperature in the engine and transports it into safe areas (oil sump). While lubricating does not need as much lubricant, cooling down the moving parts requires a much higher quantity of motor oil.

How to use Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil

The engine oil gets pumped around the engine through small passageways. It lubricates all the moving parts, such as the piston rings, cylinder walls, valve train, and others. They need lubrication because they are all made of metal; metal on metal friction will cause them to break down.

The oil is placed in the oil pan, from where it is propelled by the oil pump, sending it into passageways, lubricating all moving parts, and coming back into the oil pan. The oil pump is crucial because it is the piece that moves the oil from the pan to all the engine parts. Lastly, the oil filter purports to catch all the debris, dirt, or metal, which entered the oil system when it passed through all the moving parts.

How to replace your oil with Valvoline

Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Alligator-type hydraulic jack
  • Wrench (if required)
  • Oil drain pan
  • Oil filter remover or sandpaper

After you have everything on hand, turn your car on and let it run for 5 minutes. The particles and debris in the motor oil are settled down in the case of a cold engine, which will make the procedure more difficult. Turn the engine off after 5 minutes and wait an extra 5-10 minutes to let it cool down slightly, so you will not get hurt (oil burns, for instance). The longer your car was on, the longer the period you need to wait before draining the oil.

Choose an even place to park your car. Make sure you secure it – neutral if manual/park position, if automatic, use parking or handbrake. Use the alligator-type hydraulic jack to lift your car. Ideally, you should also have a stool to ensure the stability and safety of the procedure.

Next, drain the engine oil from the underside of your car. If a sump plug protects it, you unscrew it using the wrench. The Oil drain pan should be already placed right underneath it. You can also clean the sump plug and change the crush washer.

Draining old oil should take a few minutes. Remove the oil filter and clean the compartment. To remove it, you can either use sandpaper to enhance your grip on the cap or use an oil filter remover. Clean the chamber with clean rags until there is no trace of oil left. Insert the new oil filter and add new engine oil. Make sure you know how much lubricant your car needs (read owner’s manual) and use the dipstick to check how much you poured. Close and tighten the cap.

Lastly, start your car and let it run for a couple of minutes. You should always do this after an oil change so that the new oil goes through the engine. At this time, you will see if you have any leaks anywhere.

How often do we need to change motor oil?

Why do we need to know this? Well, if we don’t change the motor oil on time, it can increase the wear on the engine, shortening the life of your car. Some car warranties can even be voided by not changing motor oil on time. On the other side of the spectrum, changing your motor oil too often is not only time-consuming and expensive but also wastes useful resources, which indirectly harms the environment.

There are several recommendations for oil-changing intervals: 1,000 miles, 5,000 miles, and 10,000 miles. That is a huge difference. If you usually drive your car on short trips (where the engine does not get hot enough to eliminate condensation), you should change it every 1,000 miles or so (or about every six months).

In-between many people (mostly service and shops which change this oil) recommend 3,000 miles. If your car specs (usually older cars) ask for it, you should do it. Otherwise, anywhere between 5,000 to 7,500 miles is acceptable. Especially if you have a new car and you drive at least 20 minutes at steady speeds, then you can increase the time interval between oil changes.

If you decide to switch to synthetic oil, you can go as much as 10,000 miles without needing an oil change. It is much more expensive than petroleum oil, but it has the benefit of lasting longer, it is environmentally-friendly, and it usually performs better.


Rotella Triple Protection Motor Oil

This premium diesel oil offers you triple protection against deposits, oil breakdown, and wear that is suitable for all heavy-duty vehicles with diesel engines. This motor oil has been formulated using advanced additive technology that gives you effective deposit protection to help keep your engine cleaner, especially over its oil drain interval. Protection from dirt is vital for your engine to run efficiently. It also provides better shear stability. What does this mean? It gives you optimal oil pressure in the engine as well as enhanced viscosity control. This Rotella motor oil also helps to protect the particulate filters and exhaust catalysts to ensure fuel efficiency and emission compliance. This motor oil also promises less engine resistance, which will keep your engine in tip-top condition. And the best thing about this product? The price tag. You can ensure a top protection for your engine without having to break the bank.

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Another product by Valvoline, this motor oil has seal conditioners that can rejuvenate aging engine seals to prevent any oil leaks. The extra wear protection stops future engine wear. It comes with additional detergents that will go a long way if you have an older engine as it will remove deposits and sludge. The antioxidants prevent oil breakdown, which stops deposit formation and engine-blocking sludge – a huge plus. Plus, it is available at a meager price that will make both you and your engine very happy.

Final Thoughts

Our cars need special care from time to time. As you can see from the above information in this Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil Review, the quality of the products you use will influence the overall longevity of your vehicle and save you a lot of money on repairs. Additionally, it is well known how important the engine of the car works – purchasing Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil is beyond any shopping experience; it is an investment and added protection to your car!

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