Four of the Best Octane Boosters and Additives with Reviews

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Best Octane Boosters and Additives
  • Royal Purple 11757 Max Boost
  • Klotz Octane Booster
  • 104 + Octane Boost
  • Lucas Oil 10026-PK12

best octane boosters and fuel additives

Vince here with ScannerAnswers  and today we’re talking about fuel additives and octane boosters. As a vehicle owner, you know how important fuel efficiency is. These days my buddies (Mike and Matt) call gasoline “liquid gold.” It seems we’re always trying to eek out that little extra fuel economy from our Dodge Cummins or even Ron’s Toyota Prius (one time he got 50+mpg!)

Sneak peak: Here’s what we think are the best octane boosters

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Royal Purple Max Boost Octane Booster - 16 oz. Royal Purple Max Boost Octane Booster - 16 oz. 1,123 Reviews $16.23
2 Klotz Higher Octane Booster Fuel Treatment Power... Klotz Higher Octane Booster Fuel Treatment Power... 367 Reviews $63.96
3 104+ Performance(10406-6PK) Octane Boost - Boosts... 104+ Performance(10406-6PK) Octane Boost - Boosts... 933 Reviews $35.45Amazon Prime
4 Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster - 15 oz (Pack... Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster - 15 oz (Pack... 1,768 Reviews $95.95

4 Recommended Octane Boosters with Pros and Cons

So you might ask, “do fuel boosters work?” We believe they are great when used for the right application. If you’re trying to gain horsepower, you will likely be disappointed (look into upgrading that turbo or supercharger!). However, if you’re in an area where you don’t have access to 91 Octane Unleaded fuel, or you did an engine swap that has a high compression, then a booster might be just what you need! Below are the products we’ve tried and believe are the best octane boosters

  • Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost – Best booster for turbo vehicles
  • Klotz Octane Booster – Best booster for corvettes and “super cars”
  • 104+ Octane Boost – oldest (?) octane booster (and a great value for most users)
  • Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster

1. Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost

Bottom Line
Great for Turbo cars – can boost up to 3 octane levels – helps with fuel economy

Royal Purple is regarded as a leading brand in the octane booster market. We have a couple friends that push their car to the limit with a turbo-charger and they swear by Max-Boost. So if you are looking for a solid additive, we’d suggest the Royal Purple as the best octane booster for turbo cars.

Check out our full Royal Purple Octane Booster review

Take note that this item isn’t recommended or even legal to use for general driving around town. Royal Purple enhances drivers’ experiences when using, but it won’t be to the benefit of home use, unless you want to have a run in with the authorities. If you’re preparing for an upcoming race though, here’s why this bottle is an excellent option:


  • Your octane level of the fuel can be raised up to 30 points (example: 91 octane would turn accelerate to 94 octane)
  • The effects of this booster includes a variety of benefits for you and your vehicle
  • Power is restored
  • Your fuel economy could rise
  • Residue all over the engine will be cleared up, specifically in the fuel injectors
  • The engine is protected because the booster also replaces lead additives. This protects valve seats
  • This booster lowers emission rates
  • This item is excellent for use in vehicle which are controlled by computers
  • MMT is used which is an excellent chemical booster
  • Most engines benefit when this booster is used
  • Engines with carburetors
  • Engines with oxygen sensors
  • Engines with port fuel or direct injection
  • Engines which are either turbo or super charged
  • Engines running on leaded or unleaded fuels
  • Engines that run on alternate fuels such as gasohol and even all ethanol blends
  • Your engine may have high phosphorous levels if you use certain oils. This product can help manage these poisonous levels


  • This excellent booster comes at an higher price. You’ll have to fork over some of your hard-earned cash vs some other brands
  • The bottle design can use some work. If you don’t have a funnel, the liquid (gold) can spills. Hopefully Royal Purple will soon revamp their design


There’s no question that Royal Purple’s product will help your vehicle perform better. If you can afford this product, you’ll love the results.

2. Klotz Octane Booster

Bottom Line
Can boost up to 10(!) octane levels! Comes in large gallon container and saves money!

Klotz came in at a close second on our list. The reason for this is a few of our friends are Corvette snobs, and they swear by Klotz. We’ve been told that Klotz in the best octane booster for Corvettes and real sports cars… Whatever that means 🙂

This booster is sold by the gallon which is terrific when you start a process of finding out how much booster is necessary to create your desired effect. Though each booster you find on the shelf claims a certain effect, your vehicle is unique. Only through trial and error will you gauge what exactly works for you.

Buying this booster in large quantities means you have enough stock to do various comparisons. You need to find the correct balance between cost and effect. Remember that boosters can’t perform miracles. By adding booster your vehicle won’t miraculously attain super high octane levels. There’s a limit to what this or any booster can do and you won’t push past it by increasing the percentage of booster. You’ll only waste booster liquid and your money. There are a few reasons why this booster may be your answer. Let’s discuss them.


  • Klotz claims that this product can increase octane by up to 10 points. Your vehicle’s condition will play a role in whether this does happen for you, but it’s a high number to chase, which means Klotz does give you an excellent product
  • The lubricity in your engine is increased via tetraethyl
  • You can use this for a variety of engines:
  • Vehicles running on gasoline
  • Vehicles running on ethanol enriched fuels
  • Moisture is detrimental to engines if droplets are caught in areas that can rust or cause residue. This results in damage, as well as reduced engine performance. This booster helps absorb moisture so there’s less chance of this happening
  • Your engine’s burn speed can be controlled when this is poured into the fuel
  • Klotz uses MMT which is an excellent anti knock agent. It’s the best option if you’re protective of the environment and you aim to have the least negative effect on it through your racing
  • This is a booster that can be used on racing cars but also on other premium vehicles you drive at home


  • The large container makes it uncomfortable to pour into your tank. There’s no customized spout to help you prevent fumes and avoid spillage
  • This is sold in larger quantities than most boosters. The price is quite high, but you get more liquid in comparison. You need to ensure you actually require such large amounts of booster, otherwise you’ll be left with half-used containers and unnecessary expenses.
speedometer cool


Klotz offers drivers an excellent booster to benefit many parts of their engines. The large quantity needs to be considered so you know you don’t waste your budget simply because it looks like a bargain. Do you need this much booster? If you’re a regular user, this won’t be a problem and you’ll love having enough stock in your garage.

3. 104+ Octane Boost

Bottom Line
Tried and tested booster that’s been around since 1975 – Old Reliable! Treats up to 18 gallons of gasoline

104+ has a history dating back to 1975 (it’s real old!!!!), so this is a company that has years of experience. The products this brand produces have been refined so drivers can get the utmost out of their vehicles. You’ll love everything from the bottle design, to what the content does for your driving pleasure. Let’s have a look at the details.


  • This booster comes in a smartly designed bottle ending in a long narrow spout. You’ll easily pour this into your fuel tank without any spillage or danger of being overcome by fumes. Since this booster’s fumes are harmful, this is an excellent safety measure
  • The content not only prevents knock effects, but also cleans the fuel injectors of your vehicle. You’ll get more miles out of every gallon of fuel if this is added to your tank.
  • You can use this booster in many types of engines such as
  • Engines with catalytic convertors
  • Engines wit oxygen sensors
  • Vehicles using all gasoline blends. This includes vehicles that require ethanol blends
  • You can treat up to 18 gallons with only one bottle
  • It’s more affordable than most items on the market
  • This booster contains MMT which is one of the preferred modes of boosting. It’s less poisonous and more environment friendly than most anti-knock additives


You’ll experience a rise in octane, but not as excessive as some more expensive products. It can’t be definitively claimed that this product will have a certain octane increase as result of usage.


Overall this booster has many positive effects on your engine and you’ll love the heightened performance. If you’re chasing a certain high mark of octane, you may not reach it with this product, so you need to weigh your expectations against the capabilities before purchase.

Wanna know more about the 104+ Octane Boost? Check out the sick review that Matt just finished writing where he and Donny tested it on a 2015 Subaru WRX at made 6 hp gains! 104+ Octane Boost review

4. Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster

Bottom Line
Treats up to 25 gallons with 1 bottle – sold in packs of 12 for a great price

Lucas Oil claims that its products can have three times the effect most boosters have on your engine. When you compare this with its very reasonable pricing, it should automatically shoot this item upwards in your ratings. This booster isn’t street legal, so be careful with it 😉

Remember that you need to test whether this has the effect the company claims. Your vehicle’s unique setup and condition does play a role in a booster’s effect. The company opts to sell this in packs of 12 (or if you search around, you can find single bottles). This means you’ll have stock of this for a while, whether it works or not. Are you ready for such a commitment? Let’s look at the facts to help you decide.


  • This is another excellently designed package. The long funnel type bottle prevents spoilage and fumes from escaping
  • You can use it on many engine types:
  • Turbos
  • Engines with oxygen sensors
  • High compression engines
  • Gasoline engines of any type
  • You can treat 25 gallons with only one 15-oz. bottle. That’s slightly more than many other excellent brands on the market


It’s sold in packs of 12. This is a benefit when you know it’s your desired booster, but not if you’re still figuring out your preferences.


You’ll love the effect this brand has on your racing performance. Through easy application and excellent ingredients, Lucas Oil’s octane booster will give you most of what you’re looking for in a booster.

Our Favorite Fuel Additives and Octane Boosters that could propel your car to the moon!

As a vehicle owner you probably know that many factors play a role in how many miles you get from each gallon of petrol/gasoline. There’s one thing you can do to improve your vehicle’s performance and consumption overnight. Octane boosters were developed to help you get the best mileage and performance from your fuel. But Vince! How do they work? Sit down my friends, we’re gonna do some learning! ?

What is an octane booster

best octane booster

Octane boosters are measured using a point level. The formula is: 1 octane fuel level per 10 points.  Don’t lose me here, this is easy math.? So when you see a product that gives 100 points of boost, that means it will raise your gasoline octane level by 10. So if you purchase that terrible, watered down, low cost 87 unleaded regular gasoline in your car, and then add some Klotz, your octane just got bumped up 100 points, or roughly to a 97 Octane… Which is pretty close to full race fuel that is very expensive!

So when you are shopping for an octane booster, you want one that has a high points rating. This rating tells you how much compression fuel can handle before detonation takes place. The higher the rating, the more pressure the fuel can take.

Octane boosters help to raise octane ratings; this is done through the anti-knock additives. These additives prevent a knock-on effect so fuel doesn’t ignite too quickly. In this way, high performance vehicles can generate a lot of power and high temperatures, without burning unnecessary fuel.

Question: Vince, why not just fill up my car with 93 octane at the pump? 

Answer: That’s a great question, curious reader! You see, most of our friends in more liberal states like Cali have a hard time even FINDING 93 octane fuel. Most of their gasoline is loaded up with ethonal and only rated 85. For some reason it’s actually praised to run a super low-grade fuel like 85. So with a little magic octane supplement, you can boost that level up to 93 for a couple bucks!

Octane boosters are usually used by race drivers, but can benefit anyone looking for better performance in their car (or pickup). As mentioned, boosters are added to the fuel. You need to repeat the process regularly since the booster is used up with the fuel.


Adding gasohol supplements might get expensive,  so it’s not common for every vehicle owner to use this. Still, if you want to have some fun and get a better performance with lower fuel usage out of your car, you should try it at least once.

Features to consider when buying an fuel additive

Whether you’re purchasing octane boosters for your next race or for home use, you can follow these guidelines to pick the right one for you:


Octane boosters don’t change your car; it simply catalyzes a process. As soon as the liquid is used up, you’ll need to purchase more. If you want to use boosters for the long term, you need to choose a product you can afford over that period of time.

Points added

Each brand will raise your fuel’s octane rating by a certain degree. If you want your vehicle to reach a very high performance goal, you need to purchase one which offers this. This will most likely translate into a high cost.


Consider how much fuel can be treated with the bottle you purchase. The packaging will stipulate how many gallons can be treated. Calculate the value of the brand by considering capacity in conjunction with cost.


There are different ways to obtain the desired octane boosting effect. Quite a few chemicals can have the same result, but unique effects accompany each one. Avail yourself of this information before you use the booster, as it can affect you or your vehicle.


This is a highly favored booster, but it may come at a high price. Read more about MMT at the EPA’s official site


This chemical is much more affordable than MMT. Unfortunately, it’s not beneficial to engines as it causes sparkplugs to misfire through buildup.

Aromatic alcohols

Boosters that contain this need to be used in high doses. These chemicals can easily be absorbed by humans, even through the skin. Extreme precautions are necessary, such as wearing a mask when pouring it into the tank.


Ethanol has boosting potential, but quite a few side effects.

  • It can cause the engine to corrode. Don’t let fuel with this booster stay in the tank for long. Instead, drain it
  • Using boosters with ethanol may require specific tuning of the engine if you want an excellent performance


While all these items will give you excellent results, the ease of use and the savings you get by purchasing 12 bottles at once, make Lucas Oil the brand to trust.

– Vince


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