What is the Best Car Wax and Paint Sealers for the Value?

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Best Car Wax and Paint Protectors
  • Meguiar's all-in-one
  • Liquid Glass LG-100
  • The Car Guys
  • Meguiar's G17516
  • Meguiar's G18216 Ultimate

best car wax and paint protector

Hi there! I’m Matt and I’m here to help you find the best car wax and and paint sealer wax for your vehicle. Whether you drive a white car, black car, or red car, there is a wax for you! My buddies and I wrote this guide in hopes to shed some light on the exterior of cars and trucks. Usually we like talking about Android OBD2 scanners and other engine diagnostic tools, but today it’s time to mix it up.

Want to skip the reading? Here’s the products!

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit - The Ultimate Car... Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit - The Ultimate Car... 5,080 Reviews $73.25Amazon Prime
2 CAR GUYS Liquid Wax | Superior Carnauba Shine with... CAR GUYS Liquid Wax | Superior Carnauba Shine with... 2,744 Reviews
3 Meguiar's G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax, 15.2 Fluid... Meguiar's G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax, 15.2 Fluid... 2,850 Reviews $19.95
4 Meguiar's G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax, 16 Fluid... Meguiar's G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax, 16 Fluid... 6,729 Reviews $35.99

Full list of the best synthetic and natural car waxes available

  • Meguiar’s all-in-one – Best complete car wax kit
  • Liquid Glass LG-100 – Best high-end car polisher/finisher for luxury cars (2018 update, it’s hard to find this stuff anymore…)
  • The Car Guys – Best carnauba wax kit
  • Meguiar’s G17516 – Best wax for quick application
  • Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate – Best paint protector and synthetic sealant

1. Meguiar’s all-in-one

Bottom Line
Complete wax kit that is great for beginners and professionals alike!

Waxing your car involves more than the liquid you pour on. A dynamic process requires various products and the correct tools, and Meguiar’s provides vehicle owners a starting kit so you have all you need with one purchase.

This excellent initiative means you get all the following in one go:

  • Gold Class Car Wash—Shampoo and conditioner
  • Gold Class Carnauba Plus Liquid Wax
  • Endurance Tire Gel—Your vehicle’s body as well as tires can be looked after with this kit
  • Quick Detailer—You don’t always have time to do a full wax job, but your car gets stubborn spots all the time. This quick detailer will take care of them so your vehicle looks cared for all the time
  • Interior Detailer—Your car’s interior is just as susceptible to dirt and damage. You can clean and protect surfaces inside with this exceptional product. It lifts off dirt without causing a residue to build up
  • Clay bars—Yes, you can attempt claying yourself with this product. It won’t damage the paint, and it will lift off dirt as if your car had been cleaned by professionals
  • PlastX Polish—Plastic is a durable product but needs special attention. Your plastic headlight covers can now get the attention they need through Meguiar’s material-specific products such as this one
  • ScratchX 2.0—Unfortunately scratches will appear, even if you’re very protective of your car; you can’t control everyone’s behavior around you. When someone accidentally bumps into you causing minor paint damage, you can remove the proof by polishing it out with ScratchX 2.0. It will look brand new again

All these amazing cleaning products can be applied and used with the following items also included:

  • Microfiber wash mitt
  • Microfiber towel
  • Foam applicator


  • You have all the items you need for a complete car wash, both interior and exterior
  • Meguiar’s offers its clients quality items, so you
  • know your car will be well cared for
  • Directions of these products are easy to follow


  • If you only need one of these products, it’s wiser to search elsewhere


Mike just finished with a hands-on review on the Meguiar’s all-in-one and had excellent results. Read more about it here: Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit Review

Meguiar’s offers vehicle owners a complete solution for any car wash challenges. If you’re just starting to collect products to look after your car, this is an excellent starting kit.

2. Liquid Glass LG-100

2023 update Looks like this stuff is sold out! If you can find any, buy two. For now, skip this one till we can find a replacement 🙂

Bottom Line
High gloss finish – One of the highest quality car polisher we’ve ever used! Slap a view coats of this finisher on for a mirror-like finish

The Liquid glass is designed as a polisher and finisher to really bring out the shine from your wax and protect paint. This car polish has a very apt name, because if you apply this to your vehicle’s exterior, it will form a protective layer that shines and protects. Our friends rave about the gloss it adds to vehicles, and its application is straightforward. If you’re looking for a wax for luxury cars (Benz, Mercedes, BMW, Tesla etc) this is a great choice!


  • The gloss of LG-100 lasts for a long time, so you don’t have to use it every time you wash your vehicle
  • The body of your vehicle needs to be buffed during application, but you don’t have to remove the product completely
  • This protective layer is designed not to crack or peel. You also don’t have to fear it turning yellow
  • The polish prevents buildup or damage to your car from acid rain, road salt, tar, sap, rust, corrosion, bird droppings, bugs


  • This product only supplies a polish. You’ll need to purchase microfiber cloths separately
  • You need to buff the exterior of the car to get a high shine. This does take time and effort
  • Cloths have to be discarded after using this polish and new ones need to be purchased


If you’re looking for an excellent polish, you’ve found it; LG-100 is an effortless answer to make your vehicle look stunning.

3. The Car Guys 

Bottom Line
Complete car waxing kit with a 100% money back guarantee! You cant go wrong with a USA made wax!

Up next is another sweet car and motorcycle waxing kit. This is the perfect entry-level waxing kit for the value. The Car Guys stand behind this wax and offer a money-back refund if you’re not happy with it.

We’ve tested out this wax on a black 2014 Chevy Camaro and the results were astounding! You’ll swear that your car shines better than it did the day you bought it.

great wax for silver cars too!
great wax for silver cars too!

This product gives you everything you need to give your vehicle a high-shine polish. The polish, as well as the applicators are included, and they’re designed to work well together. You’ll love how your vehicle looks after you used this Car Guys’ product.


  • This serves as a car wax and paint sealant. Polymer additives are added during the manufacturing process to ensure this product’s effect lasts extra-long
  • This wax requires less effort to produce a shine. The process is quick and easy, unlike other waxes which require extensive and energy consuming buffing
  • The product is non-toxic and environment friendly, so you don’t have to be concerned for your garden if some drops spill
  • If you’re not satisfied, Car Guys offers money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.
  • Included in the purchase: wax, applicator, buffing towel
  • You can use it on any vehicle, even boats


  • This wax is quite expensive when compared to other polishes. You do receive additional items, but if you own applicators and towels, it may seem unnecessary to purchase more at such a high price.


Quality comes at a price. This product has many loyal supporters, because it effortlessly brings the best out of your vehicle’s paint. If you’re serious about the gloss you want on your car, this wax may be worth the expense.

4. Meguiar’s G17516

Bottom Line
Spray a wipe off! This is a quick way to touch up your car and add some shine

This wax differs from the rest in that it is a simple spray on paint protector that is best used between full wax sessions. It’s designed to restore that “show room shimmer” to your hot rod with a quick spray before you head out on Friday night to cruise.

Meguiar’s is a company that knows exactly what vehicle owners need. This manufacturer repeatedly produces products that vehicle owners simply adore. This is another one in their excellent range. If you’re weary of waxes that may leave residues, you can lay your fears to rest. This may be what you’ve been looking for the whole time.


  • If you love quick fixes, this product will blow you away. Application only requires the following:
  • Spray on the wax
  • Rub with a dry cloth
  • Do a final swipe to make sure there’s no clogging residue
  • The outstanding feature of this wax is that it’s hydrophobic, which means water doesn’t cling to it, and it quickly runs off this protective layer. This protects your vehicle from acid contained in water, but it also means you’ll have fewer water spots showing from dried-up droplets. If a rain shower hits, you don’t have to be concerned now. Your vehicle will still look as good as it did right after the polish
  • This wax leaves no residue and it won’t result in white streaks across your vehicle
  • When compared to other waxes and polishes, this is an affordable product. It enables any vehicle owner to take care of the vehicle.


  • The effect of this wax may not last as long as some other paste waxes.

5. Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate

Bottom Line
Best paint protector that we’ve found for the value!

If you’ve already got the microfiber applicator pads, shine cloths and just need some good wax, check out the Meguiar’s G18216. This is not so much a wax (like carnauba) but it’s actually a synthetic sealant. The biggest difference between wax and synthetic sealants is the shine and the protection. You’ll get a better shine with wax, but you’ll see better paint protection with the sealant (like Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax).


  • The kit includes: wax applicator, microfiber cloth for buffing
  • A protective, hydrophobic layer. This ensures protection from external damage and will allow water to run off. Less damage and fewer water marks will appear
  • The wax results in a mirror-like shine thanks to the barrier that amplifies light
  • You can apply this in direct sun. It won’t cause streaks or stains
  • Whether you apply and polish this product by hand or with a mechanical polish tool, you’ll have excellent results
  • The cost of this product is in line with most other car wax products on the market
  • With this protective layer, items that usually stick to your vehicle—such as bugs—will easily come off without leaving marks that are tough to clean


  • Synthetic sealant won’t give as bright a shine as natural wax


This is an excellent car wax product, which lasts long. It uses state-of-the-art technology to bring the best out of a car’s exterior.

Wanna know more about this wax? Read our Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax Review!

Best microfiber wax applicator: Viking 862400

You won’t get anywhere with a great wax product if you don’t have the correct tools to apply it to your vehicle. Applicators are vital to the process, as well as the safety of your car’s varnish. Using the wrong type of applicator can result in scratches or damaging the paint. Do you have these in your toolbox so you can use your chosen wax to its best potential? This brand has been around for 100 years, so its products are sure to impress.


  • It’s an ideal size at 5” to comfortably fit in your hand
  • You can use these applicators on the outside varnish, but also inside when doing a thorough cleaning
  • With a pack of six, you’ll have enough for your vehicle’s whole exterior
  • They’re reusable. Simply pop them in the washing machine and then let them dry for the next bout of waxing
  • The microfibers help to clean without scratching your vehicle’s exterior
  • The design helps you apply wax evenly


  • Some waxes and car kits have their own applicators, which makes this item obsolete. Decide which wax product you want before purchasing this, so you don’t accumulate unnecessary expenses.


With advances in technology, it’s supposed to be quicker and easier to clean and shine your vehicle. Trust Meguiar’s to help you in this process, because its products are exceptional. The G18216 liquid wax is your best option listed here. It’s more durable than the Quik Wax of the same manufacturer, but it’s still effortless to apply. This kit also supplies all the tools you need, so it’s the quickest answer in every aspect.

How to: Choose the best car wax (or truck wax)

Who’s this guide for? 

We wanted to make a simple list of the top waxes that you can buy today. If you’ve ever asked, “what’s the best wax for a black car?” or “should I use carnauba wax or synthetic wax” then keep on reading!

Whether you’re a seasoned car show professional, or you just want to keep your new 2016 Dodge Cummins crew cab looking spiffy, this guide will help you. So let’s jump into it.

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How to choose and apply vehicle wax

Yeah that’s right, vehicle wax is much different than candle wax! Below is a great video from Meguiar’s that gives a brief how to wax your car

Why should I invest in paint sealant and wax?best car wax 2017

So you’ve already picked up a good OBDII scanner, chosen the best radar detector, and now you want to make sure your red Z06 Corvette can keep looking good it’s whole life? Well you’re going to need some wax!

Looking after your vehicle plays as much a role in its performance as the quality of the engine, interior and exterior. Without the correct maintenance products, your car will quickly lose its luster.

This fact is most applicable to the exterior of the car. Daily use, the constant impact of the weather and damaging particles in the air can damage paint and cause your vehicle to lose its shine. Luckily, there are many ways to combat this, and new technology improves these processes all the time.

This review guide mentions some of the best car wax products on the market. Using them will help you keep your vehicle’s exterior in excellent condition. Let’s discuss what you should be looking for when you consider purchasing car care products.

What you need to protect your paint against wear…

Your vehicle is a huge investment. There are many dangers on the road that may be out of your control, but certain matters you can manage. The exterior of a vehicle determines a large part of its value. By keeping your vehicle’s varnish in excellent condition, you maintain some of its value. Protect this asset by guarding your vehicle against the following factors:

  • Small scratch marks
  • The effect of rainwater
  • The sun’s UV rays

You’ll also feel at your best when driving a shiny car, rather than one with dull paint and the signs of aging.

What you can do to take care of your car

candle wax on cars

Your car needs regular washing to have it look clean. Additional car care products add a whole different dimension to the washing process. You may have to add some time and effort to your car’s wash sessions, but the effect is well worth it.


  • Choose a car wax which clearly says you don’t have to wash it off. This confirms the fact that the product itself won’t harm the car
  • Use a wax that won’t leave white marks on the paintwork
  • Purchase waxes which let water run off the paintwork. This prevents marks and damage
  • Look for products which suit the amount of time you have available. Some waxes require hours of buffing, while others have an effect with little effort
  • You want a wax that will last long, even after you’ve washed the vehicle
  • Use the correct type of applicator and buffer. The best types are microfiber cloths, which bring out the most shine and won’t scratch your vehicle

thinking frog

Last Thoughts

So there you have it! Wow that felt like a long post 🙂 If you have any questions or feel like we missed your favorite car wax, leave a comment below or get in contact with us.

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