Choosing the Best Gasoline Brand – You’ll Never Guess what is No. 1

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Choosing The Best Gasoline Brand – You’ll Never Guess What Is No. 1

Many of us just pull up to the gas pump and put in whatever brand of gas is the cheapest without a second thought other than knowing if it is regular or supreme. If you think about it, this is a little odd since our vehicles are one of the most prized things that we invest our money in. You would think we would want to know what gas keeps it in good shape and running for a long time. While all gas may smell the same, it is not all identical and knowing which brands are best is good for our vehicles and their repair bills.

Best Gasoline Brand

When we talk about gasoline and the types available, we refer to “top tier” which means that the gas has more additives so your car runs better and more reliably. All gas must meet certain standards, no matter what brand. Your car will run as it should no matter what you choose. The difference is when you buy top tier gas, it that can make your car perform better than it would be using low to medium tier gasoline.

Good gasoline also prevents condensation in the gas tank which can lead to  a ton of future problems!

It’s also important to understand that top tier gas is not necessarily there to make your vehicle perform better. Rather, it cares for the engine and will your car have a longer life. Most of all, top tier gas is meant to reduce carbon build-up. The best gasoline brands offer gas with their own formulations to help improve engine function and efficiency.

Know the Difference

Know The Difference

There is a difference between top tier gas and premium gas. Top tier means you are purchasing it from stations that are top tier. These types of gasoline have different additives, depending on the station. Each station creates its mix to offer the most support to keep engines healthy and efficient. In contrast, premium gas means that the product has an octane rating of 90 or higher. This gas is all about the fuel mixture and how efficiently it runs the engine. Anything under 90 is considered regular gasoline and can be found in all tiers of gas stations.

Making the Right Choice

When it is time to get gas, look for a top tier station whether you need regular or premium gas. These stations have detergent additives in their gas that helps keep your car engine running clean. While the price is a little higher, this gas saves you money in the long run as it protects your engine. You will need fewer repairs and it will run efficiently as well.


By law, there are standards that all gas must meet and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all types of gasoline to have a certain amount of detergent. Top tiers go above and beyond minimum standards. The gas must have a higher level of detergent to be considered better than the bare minimum. Most insurance and car protection companies have done studies that show lower-tier brands actually create engine deposits that are 19 times higher than the top tier gas. You may be paying about .03 cents less per gallon for low tier but your fuel economy will be poorer, you will have more emissions, and car performance will decrease. Be aware that some top tier stations sell gas at a cheaper price but still have s top tier product. Don’t always go on price alone when you decide where to buy.

Some Top Tier Gasoline Brands

Some Top Tier Gasoline Brands

Top tier is not a label that can be put on just any gas station. There are standards to be met. Any gas station labeled as top tier must sell gas that has a certain level of detergent in it. This is set by the United States EPA and they specifically test for this. Top tier gasoline also cannot have any metallic additives as they hurt the car’s emission system and the environment. There are over 70 licensed sellers right now and top tier diesel is only at five licensed brands. Below is a list of the top ten brands but if you are driving and can not remember, just look for the top tier symbol to tell you it has the gasoline you want.

Top 10 Best Gasoline Brands

Our pick of the the best brand of gasoline is:

shell logo
Shell is our pick for the top gasoline brand

If you don’t have access to a Shell station, consider one of these fuel companies.

Final Thoughts

The next time you are out getting a fill-up, you may want to think a little more about the gas station you choose. While we all want to save a bit on fuel costs, cheap gas may end up costing us more in the long run with poor engine efficiency and engine damage. While some gas stations are rated better than others, it’s a good idea to choose top tier over low or medium. Any top tier brand is going to be better than the gas you get elsewhere. Some top tier brands will even be close to the lower tier prices which is helpful as well. For example, Costco tends to always be a bit cheaper, but you may have to wait in line.

The other benefit of using the best gasoline brands is that it is never too late to start if you haven’t been already. Some studies even show that using the gas can reverse the damage done by lower grade gasoline. You may be late to the starting gate but if you can reverse some of the damage while moving forward with better efficiency and protection, you’re still ahead of the game. Our vehicles are one of the biggest investments we make so it’s smart to do whatever we can to protect them and prolong their life. Replacement and repair are not cheap so maintenance with a good gas brand helps keep costs low.

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