Here are the Cheapest OBD2 Scanners that You Can Buy Today!

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Cheapest OBD2 Scanners that You Can Buy

Save money and time with these list of lowest priced OBDII adapters

  • BAFX Products 34t5 – Best OBD2 Scanner For The Money
  • Scan Tool Foseal – Best Cheap OBD2 Scanner for iOS and Android
  • Hikeren MINI WiFi Wireless V1.5 – Best OBD2 Code Reader
  • Kitbest – Rock-bottom Cheapest Priced OBD-II adapter

Matt here with ScannerAnswers and today we’re going to give you our list of the best cheapest OBD2 scanners (that don’t suck!). So put down that socket wrench, clean up your greasy hands with some Orange GoJo and learn how to fix your car or truck… for the budget-conscious!

We know how it feels when that dreaded check engine light suddenly decides to present itself while you’re peacefully driving from work. We certainly know how it feels like to deal with car problems when you’re on an extremely tight budget.
But when it comes to diagnosing the cause of the check engine light, the problem is usually accompanied by lingering thoughts of an expensive dealership and, unfortunately, the nasty thought of emptying your bank account.
Dealing with car trouble can be a pain, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to spend a month’s salary just to fix the dang problem.
For all you know, that check engine light can be caused by something very minor, like a loose or ill-fitting fuel filler cap.
Want to finally get rid and fix those diagnostic error codes while paying less money than a venti caramel macchiato? You have come to the right place.
We came up with a list of the cheapest OBD2 scanners that you can buy today. Considering the capabilities of these nifty gadgets, the low price will make your head spin and put a smile on your worried face. The best cheap OBD2 scanner is just less than $25 bucks away (at the time of this article).

Cheapest OBD2 Scanners

The 2018 Cheapest OBD2 Scanners

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 for Android Phones ONLY - Wireless Bluetooth... for Android Phones ONLY - Wireless Bluetooth... No ratings yet
2 Foseal Wifi OBD2 Scanner, Car Code Reader Check... Foseal Wifi OBD2 Scanner, Car Code Reader Check... 3,254 Reviews $21.99Amazon Prime
3 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth for Android, Mini OBD2... OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth for Android, Mini OBD2... No ratings yet $12.99Amazon Prime

1. BAFX Products 34t5

Bottom Line
Bluetooth OBD2 scanner lets you connect your Android smartphone to your car and helps with car repairs! View Live Engine data, read/clear CeL light codes, Check Freeze-Frame data and more! Works on most vehicles made after 1996. Low Cost OBDII adapter solution!

The BAFX is one of the most popular wireless scanners that you can buy today. In fact, it remains a consistent bestseller despite the influx of various cheap OBDII code readers with the promise of solving the check engine light with just a single swipe on your smartphone. Click to see the lowest price. There’s no need to buy a used OBD2 scanner with a price this low!

The 34t5 Bluetooth Tool will work on all 1996 and newer vehicles sold in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a newer sedan or an old and rusted pickup truck. As long as you have an OBD2 vehicle, then you can count on the BAFX 34 scanner to effectively read, diagnose, and clear those pesky trouble codes.

Read our full review on the BAFX here:

Unfortunately, this device is NOT compatible with iOS devices. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, then you can count on the BAFX Products 34t5 to read both generic and manufacturer specific trouble codes and provide real-time sensor information like fuel trim, boost pressure, and oxygen sensor readings.

Make sure to grab Torque lite or Torque Pro so you can get the most features out of your Android smartphone or tablet!

The BAFX Products 34t5 is compatible with all five OBD2 protocols including J1850 and CAN-BUS. Believe us when we say that not all cheap OBD-II scanners are compatible with the CAN-BUS protocol, which is the standard OBDII protocol on all newer vehicles. But thankfully, this device works perfectly. And it costs less than [amazon link="B005NLQAHS" title="price hidden"]. If that’s not a good deal, then we don’t know what is.

2. Scan Tool Foseal

Bottom Line
Wireless OBD2 adaptre for your Android AND iOS (iphone, iPad, etc) – Compatible with all major OBDII protocols (CAN, ISO14230-4, ISO9141-2 and more!) – View current vehicle sens/su_box]or data – Read and clear check engine codes

The BAFX Products 34t5 is only compatible with Android-powered devices because it only uses Bluetooth… But you iOS and iPhone users are in luck! The Foseal Car WIFI Scan Tool is a Godsend for all you folks with iOS devices. Grab this awesome scanner here on Amazon: Foseal Car WIFI Scan Tool

You see, the Foseal Car WIFI OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool is not a Bluetooth-powered device. It works via WI-Fi, so this means you can use either an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet to diagnose the trouble codes in your vehicle.

The Foseal is perfect for the weekend warrior and full-time mechanic. 90% of the time you won’t need the best professional automotive scan tool to do a simple task like diagnose a check-engine light and pull the DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). So the Foseal can save you hundreds of bucks by not having to take your car to the mechanic and even doing some of the work yourself!

You’ll want an app like OBD2 doctor for iOS or Torque lite or Torque Pro for Android operating systems.

Starting at less than [amazon link="B00W0SDLRY" title="find lowest price on Amazon"], the Foseal is compatible with all five OBD protocols including ISO5765-4 (CAN-BUS) and ISO1430-4 (KWP2000). This device will not only read and diagnose the cause of the check engine light (MIL), but it can also display current sensor data like the coolant temperature, vehicle speed, intake manifold pressure, and the timing advance, all from the Retina display of your favorite iPhone or iPad.

Read our full review on the Foseal scanner here:

After reading the diagnostic trouble codes, you can easily access the meaning of those codes by referring to the generic code definitions database which contains more than 3000 entries from any make and model of vehicle sold in the United States.

3. Hikeren MINI WiFi Wireless V1.5

No products found.

Bottom Line
Wireless adapter lets you connect your iPhone or Android to your car/truck and read and erase ‘check engine’ lights – View live engine data and sensor data – Turns your smartphone or tablet into a professional-grade OBD2 scanner that would cost thousands otherwise

If there’s one thing that Millennials have going for them, it is the advent of affordable gadgets that can do much more than performing a single task. One such example is the Hikeren MINI WIFI Wireless OBD2 Scan Tool. The Hikeren might not be the best automotive diagnostic scanner, but it will get the job done most of the time! And hey, we don’t need $1,000 Snap-On professional tools here because most of us just want to figure out what’s causing that MIL to flash and see if we can fix it ourselves!

Starting at less than $(No products found.), the Hikeren is designed to work on both Android and Apple devices. This nifty gadget can read generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes and display the meaning of those codes, without the need to ask questions on Google or on the many automotive forums you can find online.

The Hikeren MINI WIFI Wireless OBD2 Code Reader offers multi-protocol support so you can effectively read and diagnose the trouble codes on all 1996 and newer vehicles.

Read more on the Hikeren here

If you’ve never used a wireless OBD scanner before, then you will be pleased to know that this baby can also display current sensor data by turning your smartphone or tablet into a professional-grade scanner and vehicle tuning tool.

4. Kitbest

Bottom Line
Wireless code reader and check engine light clear(er) – very affordable for the budget conscious – Connects to your Android phone or tablet (no iPhone support yet)

We saved the best for last, and by the best, we mean it in terms of price. If you use an Android Phone or Tablet then you can use this scanner! (Sorry Apple users, you’ll have to pay a few bucks extra for the WiFi version). The Kitbest costs less than a used OBD2 scanner or a movie ticket to John Wick 2!

The KitBest OBDII scan tool is the cheapest adapter we could find. It is designed to work on all 1996 and newer vehicles including the J1939 and CAN protocol. It can read both generic and manufacturer specific trouble codes, and it can display the meaning of the codes from a huge database of more than 3000 diagnostic trouble codes.

I bought the KitBest from Amazon here: Kitbest on Amazon

Worried about pre-emissions testing? Worry no more. Simply plug the Kitbest to the OBD2 port of your vehicle and you can easily find out the emissions reading of your vehicle without leaving your garage.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

You can easily diagnose and erase the check engine light on your console without spending hundreds of dollars. If you’re on a tight budget, we’re hoping that our list of the cheapest OBD2 scanners will make it easy for you to deal with your car problems while allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet in ways that you have never thought possible.

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