Pros and Cons of a Muffler Delete System in Your Car

muffler delete pros and cons

Thinking about deleting the muffler in your car or truck? Vince from Scanneranswers here to talk about vehicle muffler delete system pros and cons. The muffler is an integral part of the exhaust system. The main job of the muffler is to silence the noise created by an internal combustion engine. Without it, the vehicle … Read more

The Symptoms of a Bad Brake Booster or Master Cylinder

Vacuum brake servo

Why is the brake pedal hard to push on my car? Modern vehicles are equipped with what old-school mechanics call “power brakes.” The system consists of a brake booster and master cylinder, or “Vacuum brake servo”. Their job is to multiply the pressure applied on the brake pedal. This enables you to modulate the brakes … Read more