Best Halogen Headlight Bulb Comparisons (2019 Guide)

Best Halogen Headlight Bulb

Matt here with ScannerAnswers to bring you our latest guide to finding the best halogen headlight bulb to replace your factory OEM lights. Your vehicle’s lights are essential to its level of safety; therefore, maintaining your headlights is essential. Maintenance includes replacements of headlight bulbs when age or damage forces you to. 5 Best Halogen Headlamp Bulb … Read more

What Does OBD2 Stand For

What Does OBD2 Stand For

A crash course on OBD vehicle systems Ever wondering what does OBD2 stand for and mean? OBD is an acronym for On-Board Diagnostics. OBD-I was the first generation. It lacked universal protocols and was limited in the number of specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) available to pinpoint the problem. Volkswagen was one of the few models to … Read more

Best Way to Restore Exterior Black Plastic Trim

black car headlight

Why Does Black Trim Fade So Quickly? As your vehicle ages, your black trim pieces will first begin to dull and then turn gray. This oxidation and sun-bleaching process will begin to dull bumpers, rubber moldings, fender flares, plastic trim pieces, and grilles even in a year or less. They can also be stained by … Read more