Shift Solenoid Replacement Costs and Why They Matter

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Solenoid Costs and Why They Matter

Most cars today have automotive transmissions that use pressurized hydraulic fluid to change gears. The most crucial part of automotive transmissions is the solenoid. The solenoid acts as a valve that controls the hydraulic fluid flow, enabling the car to change gears smoothly. The solenoids control the flow following the electric signals sent from the car’s computer.

This article will look at the cost and time it takes to replace a shift solenoid, its location, and what causes it to wear down. We’ll also explore ways to prevent the solenoid from wearing down in the first place.

Shift Solenoid Costs for Specific Cars

The replacement cost of a solenoid depends on the make, year, and model of your car.  NOTE: We have updated our cost analysis to reflect 2023 parts and labor costs).


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Ford Focus Transmission Solenoid Cost


When it comes to the Ford Focus, labor costs to repair a shift solenoid are between $210 and $250. The parts required for the shift solenoid cost between $400 and $475. The labor and parts bring the total Ford Focus shift solenoid repair to cost between $610 and $725

Ford f150 shift solenoid repair cost

Ford F150

The Ford f150 uses shift solenoid repair parts that are almost similar to that of the Ford focus. Therefore, the repair cost of these two cars is virtually the same. For a Ford f150 shift solenoid repair, the labor will cost between $215 and $260. Similar to the Ford Focus, the shift solenoid parts will cost between $400 and $475.

The total amount required to repair the shift solenoid will lie between $615 and $735.


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Transmission Solenoids for Toyota Corolla Repair Costs

toyota corolla

The labor cost for repairing a Toyota Corolla shift solenoid lies between $235 and $285. On the other hand, the shift solenoid parts required for repair usually cost between $420 and $465. Therefore, the total cost for Toyota Corolla shift solenoid repair will lie between $655 and $750.


Toyota Camry Transmission Solenoid repair cost

The Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla use the same shift solenoid, since they are from the same manufacturing company and have almost the same structure. Therefore, the shift solenoid repair costs for the two will be virtually the same. The cost of labor for repairing a Toyota Camry shift solenoid lies between $250 and $295.

The cost of the parts required for the shift solenoid repair is between $405 and $480. Like the Toyota Corolla, the total cost for a Toyota Camry shift solenoid repair will lie between $655 and $775.

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Honda Civic shift solenoid repair cost

2020 Honda Civic

Honda Civic has a make almost similar to that of a Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Camry. Therefore, these three cars use the same shift solenoid make, meaning that they all use the same shift solenoid parts during repair. The costs of labor for repairing a Honda Civic shift solenoid lie between $230 and $265.

Like the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry, the parts required for the Honda Civic shift solenoid repair usually cost between $435 and $495. The costs for labor and parts lead to a total of between $665 and $760.


How Long Does It Take to Replace A Shift Solenoid

The time it takes to replace a shift solenoid depends on your car’s make, model, and year. Additionally, replacing a single solenoid takes longer than replacing a solenoid pack. Depending on your car model, replacing a single solenoid can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, whereas a solenoid pack replacement can take between 2.5 to 5 hours.

Transmission Control Solenoid Location

EasyAutoFix has a nice video showing where to find the TCM along with common failure symptoms or OBD2 codes like the P0750, P0755, P0760, P0765, or P0770.

The Transmission Control Solenoid is usually in the transmission oil pan, connected to the valve body. The valve body is within the Transmission Control Unit(TCU) of the system.

In some cases, the system can use multiple solenoids. If one of the solenoids has any problem, then you should replace all of them. All the solenoids are color-coded for easy identification and replacement.

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What Causes Shift Solenoid To Go Bad

A shift solenoid can wear out due to bad wiring, dirty transmission fluid, and aging. Bad wiring prevents the solenoid from receiving electrical signals from the transmission computer, leading to unpredictable gear shifts. A dirty flow of transmission fluid introduces foreign matter into the solenoid that may harbor it from shifting into the right position.

As a shift solenoid ages over time, it starts breaking down and causes a delay in the shifting a car’s gears from one to another.

How To Avoid Solenoid Repairs

Proper maintenance extends the life of a solenoid and helps prevent constant repair. Before purchase and even during maintenance, two factors are usually under consideration. They include the solenoid transmission environment and the fluid flowing through the transmission solenoid.

At times, the solenoid transmission environment can be harsher than the fluid flowing through it. The moisture and high temperatures in the solenoid’s environment can harm or fasten the solenoid’s breaking down. The solenoid coils have watertight designs to protect them from such conditions. This factor is ideal during the purchase of a solenoid.

The fluid flowing through the transmission can significantly affect a solenoid. The use of dirty transmission fluid can introduce foreign matter in the solenoid, which can clog and prevent the gears from shifting smoothly.

Also, you should check that the hydraulic fluid does not react with the material of the solenoid. For instance, you should not use water as it may make the material rust.


A solenoid is one of the most vital on the list of important components of automotive transmissions. It controls the pressurized hydraulic liquid in response to the electric signals sent by the transmission computer. The solenoid then commands the shifting from gear to gear as per the signals.

The time and cost of replacement of solenoids depend on the make, year, and car model.

It is vital to know the cost of solenoids for different car models, as yours could be more expensive than average. But with preventative steps, you can prolong the life of your solenoid, and knowing what to consider when sourcing repairs can help you budget properly for the cost.

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