6 Of The Best HID and LED Headlight Kits Reviewed – 2019 edition

Best HID and LED Headlight Kits
  • The SNGL Super Bright
  • OPT7 Bullet
  • Kensun Xenon
  • The Apex
  • The Morimoto System
  • The Xentec Slim Kit

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6 Of The Best HID Headlight Kits Reviewed – 2019 edition

Want to increase the safety of yourself and your family? Then this list of the best HID Headlight kits is just for you. We’re sure you know already but, headlights are an important factor of everyday driving. From driving during the night, through a fog, during storms, or even in full daylight. We have advanced significantly ever since the first halogen light bulb was presented to the ordinary vehicles. Today, you have got a couple of variants to select from, many of which are an update from the standard OEM headlight bulbs.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Conversion Kit -... SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Conversion Kit -... 172 Reviews $178.95
2 OPT7 FluxBeam H11 LED Headlight Kit Cool White 6K... OPT7 FluxBeam H11 LED Headlight Kit Cool White 6K... 4,082 Reviews $84.99
3 Premium HID Xenon Low Beam Headlight Replacement... Premium HID Xenon Low Beam Headlight Replacement... 32 Reviews $19.95
4 H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System With XB35 35W... H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System With XB35 35W... 63 Reviews $150.00
5 Xentec H11 (H8/H9) 6000K HID Xenon Bulb bundle... Xentec H11 (H8/H9) 6000K HID Xenon Bulb bundle... 94 Reviews $39.89
  • The SNGL Super Bright – Our top pick for the best LED conversion kit
  • OPT7 Bullet – The best HID kit for the price
  • Kensun Xenon – Top HID kit for the money
  • The APEX – Lowest priced HID kit
  • The Morimoto System – The best warrantied HID kit
  • The Xentec Slim Kit – Last but not least

1. The SNGL Super Bright

Bottom Line
Patented cooling system so you’re LED kit lasts much longer – Focused light patterns enables you to see much further and clearer than other HID kits – No flicker technology and Overheat protection

The SNGL is one of the best LED kits to buy with a huge 90 watts of mega bright light.  The focus length is flexible and it also includes dual-beam LED lighting.  This SNGL LED Headlight Conversion Kit uses LUMILEDS LUXEON MZ LED as well as Adjustable Focus Length patent innovation assuring an appropriate ray pattern with no dark spots or bleary light.  This package comes with a sensible cooling system using a turbo cool fan assuring more durable bulbs.  It lasts a fantastic 50,000 hours of use.

Bottom Line: If you’ve owned a pair of HID lights before that keep burning out or flickering, then check out the SNGL kit. We’ve had a great experience with ours.

With plug and play installation this amazing maintenance free kit is also shock-proof, rainproof and waterproof plus vibration resistant.  SNGL lighting kit also offers a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.  This kit comes with zero wait time and maximum road brightness as soon as you switch the lights

2. OPT7 Bullet

Bottom Line
Another entry level HID diy kit – 2 year warranty – Lots of color choices available (Blue, green, purple…) – Smallest ballast kit we’ve found!

We chose the OPT7 because it’s one of the lowest priced HID kits, and also has one of the slimmest ballasts… So you will have a much easier time stuffing them behind the headlights on your 2012 Honda Civic.

The great OPT7 blitz bullet kit comes with a potent, mount-less ballast for quick install and a large selection of colors and dimensions.  The producer provides a two-year guarantee also.  This kit is noted as the world’s tiniest HID kit and promises to fit in all of the tiniest installation spots.  This particular package includes a 35-watt ASIC chipset, which will last more than 4,000 hours and gives more than 366% extra light.  OPT7 Blitz Bullet also features a T6 aluminum alloy shell case which is rainproof sealed and loaded with shock protected and water resistant silicone.

3. Kensun Xenon

Bottom Line
“Awesome 2 Year Warranty – 100% environmental proof – Tons of colors to choose from. You want some 30,000k bulbs? Here you go!

The Kensun HID Xenon kit took the spot for our best HID Headlights kit for the money! If you want a no-hassle, affordable Xenon kit that has a 2 year warranty, awesome customer service, then look no further!
Kensun HID conversion kits can feature varieties for every model of vehicle and each set includes the bulbs, wiring, ballasts, and instructions needed for a fast and easy conversion. Most car owners maintain home installation without a problem, but the connection with some models of cars can require a mechanic.
The water and the dust are not a single problem regarding this kit, and it is also a shockproof set. The digital ballasts connect straight to the vehicle battery, effectively transforming 55W halogen sockets for 35W-HID lamps. The latest xenon HIDs within each kit vary in color from yellow to white and violet, influenced by the HID color temperature of the bulbs. A reasonably priced, trustworthy choice for a variety of vehicle types, Kensun HID kits suit most customer’s spending budget limitations.

4. The APEX

Bottom Line
Easy to install kit with a 2 year warranty – Slim Ballasts make them fit in compact areas – 3k to 50k color range

Editor Note:  Whoa it looks like this kit is no longer available! You’re gonna have to pick a different one 🙂

Believe it or not, this next HID is costs less than a tank of fuel, but is actually a quite darn good HID package. To begin with, you will see this system is sold as a complete set (as with any of the others) so don’t expect any bad surprise there. The full package has two SLIM ballasts along with relay harnesses, 2 HID bulbs that vary in colors from 3000K to 30000K, and there is no wire work necessary to connect it (plug and use system).
The HID bulbs can come in a wide range of dimensions, so it is relevant to choose the correct one to prevent “back and fourth” stress of changing. Installing requires around 30 minutes in all, and you do not have to worry about the outside elements exposing the system away. The system is waterproof, shockproof and dust proof. Like with the majority of the xenon HID kits, expected life should be around 200 days.
Can you make a mistake by choosing a kit that costs under 30 dollars? Check out the Apex Conversion Kit and enjoy in its features.

5. The Morimoto System

Bottom Line
High quality and long lasting ballast and bulb combo – 5 year warranty – 4500k – 6500k “color” range

If you want to shell out a little more cash for peace of mind, check out the Morimoto HID kit. With a 5 year warranty and the brand name to back it, these are some of the best HID lights for your car or truck.
The Morimoto System with HD Relay Harnesses is a well-designed conversion kit for almost any make or model of auto. Buyers can choose the size and the color layout of bulbs, that vary from 3,000K to 6,000K alternatives. The HD relay harness design and size also may differ with various system packages, however, installation usually requires 20 to 30 minutes with any chosen package, whether it’s an expert or home job.
Morimoto systems maybe have one negative downside – they are a little more costly compared to ordinary HID kit, but they deliver very high performance with a correct installation. Xenon bulbs have ceramic bases along with quartz glass tubes, guaranteeing maximum luminosity and beam steadiness. This HID system integrate a plug-and-play system, streamline installation, and Morimoto provides a canbus harness alternative enabling successful installation in some of the difficult automobiles.

6. The Xentec Slim Kit

Bottom Line
Very affordable – One of the cheapest HID conversion kit on the market – Slim ballasts make them easier to install

One more last HID system that we’ve used and is popular in the automotive enthusiast world is the Xentec Slim Kit. What is awesome regarding the kit is the total price for the whole package (approximately 40 bucks) and the big selection of colors to select from. First of all, this kit includes everything you might need to get your HID system working. There is the 35w alloy slim ballast, zip ties, plug and play connectors, wires and the HID bulbs. These bulbs are able to produce a brightness of 3,500 Lumens so waste around 35% less electrical power. Be ready to get around 5000 hours of continuous running time, or approximately 200 days.
There are several colors to choose from, starting with 3000K and 4300K, 5000K etc. In terms of bulb size, there is a match for every vehicle. You can check this kit out on Amazon and you will additionally be capable of seeing extra specifications.

What are HID and LED headlights?

Lots of high-class vehicles coming directly from the manufacturer’s lines come with high-intensity Discharge (HID) headlights instead of the conventional halogen bulbs invented before few decades. HID (XENON) and LED headlights comes with lower energy consumption while at the same time improving night driving visibility by around three hundred percent.

How do I choose an HID or LED kit?

We suggest first finding your headlight bulb style. Here’s the easiest way to do that: Just browse to Sylvania’s website and enter your make/model/year:  www.sylvania.com/en-us/applications/automotive-lighting-systems/

There are many HID conversion kits available on the market today. They enable car owners to upgrade their autos regardless of the make or model. Many drivers pay auto mechanics to perform HID headlight installations, even while many others complete this upgrade on their own. These finest kits ensure car owners get exactly what they pay for and keep low illumination and energy consuming halogen headlights behind once for all.

So down the page, check out the best HID kits to get for yourself and your vehicle.
After you pickup your shiny new headlights, be careful to adjust them so you’re not blinding the oncoming traffic! When you install these HID or LED kits, you’ll shine about 250% more light on the road… and this can blind other drivers if your lights are not aligned properly!

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Final Thoughts

I hope this list of the best HID Headlight kits helped you find some new lights for your ride! If you have any questions, please comment below!


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