Innova 3100 Review | 2018 Revision

Innova 3100 Review

Innova 3100 Diagnostic OBDII Scan Tool Review | 2018 update

If you’re serious about being informed with how your car is running, or you just want to save some money by fixing the issue yourself, then we highly recommend picking up on OBD2 scanner or code reader. We’ve devoted this website to helping you find the perfect OBD2 scanner for your needs. This Innova 3100 Review has been written after we got our hands on one and tried it out. We hope it helps!


Since the introduction of OBD II the automotive industry has grown in terms of the electronics being used by manufacturers. The use of this new technology means that our cars that we drive now are basically computers on wheels. There are some upsides and downsides to this. The downside meaning that the cost to repair your vehicle can be much more expensive than they used to be on 70s and 80s cars.. But the upside is that now our cars are more efficient, last longer, and can be easier to diagnose problems in when using an OBD2 scanner or code reader.

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Innova 3100 Review

Having a good scan tool will allow any driver to have a little bit of knowledge before bringing their vehicle into the repair shop. In fact, most of the time if you know how to turn a wrench and dont mind a little grease, you can fix most car issues yourself!

Code scanners like the Innova 3100 help give the information required to start the process of diagnosing a vehicle that has a light illuminated on dash. Scan tools communicate with the vehicle’s OBD2 port that is usually found under the dash on the driver’s side. When there is a warning light on the dash the computer will store a trouble code. This code will give a general direction of where to go when diagnosing an issue. The Innova 3100 will communicate with most 1996, and newer vehicle. When scanning for trouble codes this scan tool will give the code number that is stored in the computer. This code number can be very confusing because it does not have a description. Now, you have two routes:

1) Google OBD2 Codes – If you click that link, it will take you to which is handy for looking up these trouble codes.

2) Use a code reader like the Innova 3100.  This OBD2 scanner will give you a description of your DTC for most GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota vehicles


Bottom Line
Helps you diagnose the root cause of your check engine light – Shows if your vehicle will pass emissions – Freeze frame data lets you capture sensor settings at the time of the issue

Communicate With The Anti Lock Braking System

A vehicle’s ABS system is a crucial part of newer vehicles. The system aids in preventing the wheels from locking up during a skid, or hard braking situation. This is a safety feature that aids with preventing accidents that could have been avoided during a skid situation. The ABS system operates other system’s such as traction control. If there is an issue with the ABS system, or another system that it controls a warning light will illuminate on the dash. There are not many scan tools on the market that will communicate with the ABS system since in most cases the system has it’s own module that is separate from the primary vehicle computer. Finding a scan tool that will communicate with this system is crucial for diagnosis. The Innova 3100 is one of those scan tools. This scan tool will communicate with most GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota models allowing for proper diagnosis of the ABS system. Just like a check engine light this system will set a diagnostic trouble code that will aid in the diagnosis procedure. Having the right tool that will allow communication with the system to retrieve this code is very beneficial.

Know The Status Of Readiness – And Pass Smog Tests

Readiness monitors are used by the computer to indicate if there is an issue with the vehicle while it is running. These monitors will run tests for their specific systems. If the test fails then the computer will set a trouble code indicating what area failed. When performing a repair for a trouble code the monitors will be reset when clearing the code. At this time a road test can be performed to reset the monitors. If the monitor for the system that had an issue sets as ready with no code then that verifies the repair made corrected the issue. Most state inspection procedures require that these monitors are set with no trouble codes. If these monitors are not set as ready, or a trouble is present the vehicle will then fail inspection in most cases. Having a diagnostic scan tool like the Innova 3100 will allow you to check the status of these monitors with ease. The easy to read readiness monitor status at the top of the screen will surely make any trip to the state inspection facility less complicated since the consumer will have the information needed to know if the vehicle is ready for the inspection line.


The Innova 3100 is a lightweight scan tool that will fit in any toolbox. It is a very good scan tool for anyone that simply wants to be empowered with knowledge of what is happening with their vehicle.

  • 1.1 pounds
  • 12 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches in length
  • Made in the USA
  • Read and clear trouble codes and ABS codes
  • Emissions readiness check

Closing Thoughts

innova 3100 review
innova 3100 screen

When looking for an entry-level scan tool the Innova 3100  is a very viable solution. There were a few things we did not like, such as the brightness on the screen is not the best. It can be difficult to read due to the low backlight. Also, this is a “code reader” which means that it’s good for giving you a direction to look into when the Check Engine Light kicks on but it will not save codes if the CEL is not on. If you need to see the engine temp, rpm, O2 sensor voltage, lean/rich fuel data, MAF sensor, etc, then you should look into higher end scanners.

I got this scanner from Amazon and highly recommend them!

However, if you are a DIY’er and just want to find out what the heck is causing your CEL to be on… Or you want to know if your car can pass an emissions test, then this might be the perfect scanner for you. This code reader doesn’t have a ton a bells and whistles, which makes it awesome for an entry level tool. No need to fool around with tons of menus when you just wanna get to fixing your car.

I hope this Innova 3100 Review helped give you info you needed about finding the best OBD2 scanner for your needs. If you have any questions, please drop a comment below and I’ll help you out!


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