Best Hobby RC Cars and Trucks to Buy

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Top Hobby RC Cars
  • TOQIBO Rock Crawler
  • DeXop 2.4HZ Electric Rock Crawler
  • Rabing Electric 2wd
  • Distianert 9300
  • RW Lamborghini Veneno

best Hobby RC Cars for kids and adults

Today we’re looking at RC Cars

Mike here with ScannerAnswers to bring you a different article than our usual. Around here we talk a lot about wireless OBDII scanners, radar detectors, and other cool car accessories. But today we’re talking about the best hobby rc cars and trucks of 2019.

5 affordable best hobby remote control cars quick guide

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 RW 1/24 Scale Lamborghini Veneno Car Radio Remote... RW 1/24 Scale Lamborghini Veneno Car Radio Remote... 643 Reviews $20.97Amazon Prime

The other day the guys and I had a slow day at the shop and Vince came by with a radio controlled TOQIBO Rock Crawler. For those of you not tuned into all the different remote control cars, the Toqibo looks like a yellow Cheetah mounted on wheels! Needless to say we were all excited to race it around the shop and eventually made our way outside to take the “Screamin Cheetah” out for a spin. It was a good day! Below you’ll find 5 of (what we believe) are the best hobby remote control cars for the budget conscious. These are all rc cars less that 100 bucks and are great for all ages!


5 affordable best hobby remote control cars

Five Top Hobby RC Cars with Reviews

Okay, let’s look into the pros and cons of each of these choices. Now mind you, these are pretty cheap electric cars and so they aren’t meant for heavy duty use. But they are a blast to race around the shop and take for a spin outside. Plus, they’ll keep your kids busy for hours! Let’s get into the reviews and pros and cons.

  • TOQIBO Rock Crawler – Best remote control car for kids and adults
  • DeXop 2.4HZ Electric Rock Crawler – Best Hobby RC Cars for Beginners
  • Rabing Electric 2wd – Best Cheap RC Off-Road Racing Car
  • Distianert 9300 – Fastest Off-Road RC Truck
  • RW Lamborghini Veneno – Best RC Sport Racing Car

1. TOQIBO Rock Crawler

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Bottom Line
Independent suspension – rechargeable batteries – easy to learn controls – great durable frame – much more!

We’ll give it to you straight, this remote control car is the best we could find for the value. It’s an eye-catching RC car for kids and adults. Any kid will love playing with this bright yellow car with a monstrous head on top. Adults will love the exceptional handling and technical features. So, get ready for some serious family fun!


  • This item falls into an affordable price region for most people.
  • This RC car offers most of the features you need for excellent handling:
  • Separate suspension on all wheels
  • Strong power torque
  • Excellent shock absorber system
  • The remote control has an anti-jamming feature, so you can use this while other controls are used in your vicinity
  • You can control it even if it’s 80 M away from you
  • You’ll have up to 30 minutes of fun before you need to charge batteries
  • It’s easy to control
  • The battery is of an excellent quality, so you won’t have to replace it often
  • The manufacturers thought ahead and supplied this kit with tools, so you have everything on hand to fix or adjust your vehicle when necessary


The car is designed for performance more than speed. The top speed of 10 KM/H is acceptable, but not for those who are more into racing.


This item showcases all the features that make RC cars an enjoyable family activity. Because it’s affordable and durable, you can’t go wrong when this is your preferred option.

2. DeXop 2.4HZ Electric Rock Crawler

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Bottom Line
Affordable electric race buggy – rechargable quick charging battery – Flexible and shockproof body – great rc car for kids!

Our first choice is the DeXop. These make the perfect hobby rc cars for beginners because they are low cost, low maintenance, easy to setup and use, and pretty durable.

DeXop puts various features together that will allow owners to enjoy hours of fun on off-road courses. Many DeXop customers can’t get enough of this model that looks as stunning as it performs well. Why should you make it part of your collection?


  • The design looks stunning. It’s blue and black exterior is sleek and modern
  • It has many practical features that are beneficial on off road terrains:
  • The rubber tires and the body are durable. This is thanks to the type of rubber used and the many screws keeping small parts together
  • The tire set up can be adjusted to fit with different terrains
  • The fragile electronic parts are protected thanks to four suspension springs
  • The four wheels each have its own suspension system
  • The tires are designed to be skid resistant and grips to the terrain
  • This car comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Children as well as adults can enjoy this RC car, as it performs well and is easy to operate
  • It’s quite lightweight, so easy to transport


  • It’s not among the fastest of RC cars
  • It doesn’t have a Smartphone feature


This is an ideal remote control truck/buggy to purchase for the whole family’s enjoyment. It’s one of the best remote control car for 10 year old and adults! It has all the basic features while being durable, so you don’t have to be concerned when it’s time for the kids to have some fun. It’s much more affordable than the professional cars, so it makes sense for your budget as well.

3. Rabing Electric 2wd

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Bottom Line
Low cost electric all terrain remote control buggy – 2 hour charge for about 20 minutes drive time – Can race 5 or more cars!

The Rabing is another great RC car for beginners and kids. It’s a cheap rc buggy, but an inexpensive cheap. The quality is very good for this price range.

It’s designed on 1:20 scale. The sporty paintwork and attention to detail look stunning. Apart from this, its features cover various requirements you may have. Let’s look at a few.


  • You can use this while racing some of your friends, because the 2.4GHz frequency of the controls resist interference and jamming
  • The car is made to handle tough terrains:
  • If it gets stuck or is not running straight, simply activate the direction spinner attached to the bottom
  • The four wheels all have their own suspension systems that will help the car handle rough areas and smooth rocks
  • The tires are quite durable and elastic enough so they’re not easily punctured
  • You’ll get a full 20 minutes of play before you need to recharge (2 hours charge time)
  • You can control it even if it’s 50 M away from you
  • This car reaches up to 15KM/H on flat, favorable terrains


  • Two hands needed to control this car
  • It’s only available in one design


You’ll love enjoying the outdoors with this RC car, or using it indoors when the weather is bad. The whole family can take part, as it’s easy to control. At the affordable price, it’s the ideal gift to purchase for the whole family.

4. Distianert 9300

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Bottom Line
30 mph top speed! Cool looking monster truck design – two batteries included for almost 1 hour of drive time – 4wd gives better traction

The 9300 is an excellent model in Distianert’s range. It looks amazing and handles well. It’s also powerful, so if you love speed, you’re going to enjoy this RC truck. Unfortunately, it does come at a higher price than the rest of our suggestions. With that said, it’s still one of the best rc cars under 100,

Let’s talk about some of the facts.


  • This car can reach an amazing speed of 30 MPH
  • You can add batteries to get up to 30 minutes of play before you need to recharge
  • It handles rough terrain well, thanks to the wheels that can take a pounding. The rubber is durable and has spikes so it can have grip on many surfaces
  • Damage is kept to a minimum through an effective shock resistance system
  • A turbine assists in attaining smooth performance on any terrain


  • It’s one of the more expensive RC cars of its type.
  • It’s only available in one design.

5. RW Lamborghini Veneno

Bottom Line
Cool looking RC car that is great for racing on even surfaces – Lamborghini style at a low price!

This car impresses even when it’s simply standing still, thanks to its stunning sports car exterior. When you start driving it, you’ll be impressed even further. It’s a car and not an off-road RC truck, so you need to use it in situations where it won’t get damaged; you can’t attempt mounting rocks or sand heaps. As long as you use it for what it was designed, you’ll love owning this sleek, small Lamborghini.


  • You can choose from two colors: red and silver
  • A lot of effort went into creating the detailed exterior. If you’re a lover of Lamborghinis, you’ll love the textured panels and tiny printed areas. Even the lights glow, which gives it a very realistic look
  • Children as young as 6 can safely handle this RC car
  • Top speed is 10 MPH


  • Quality control on these cars could be improved. The first car we got wouldn’t turn to the left. We returned it and got a working replacement without much hassle.
  • Not all batteries are included. Make sure what you need before you venture out for your first drive
  • This car requires a very flat surface with no obstacles for optimum use. You likely won’t enjoy it outside as much as inside the house
  • There has been some concern about the quality of the device. In some cases, it shows problems within a short period
  • Take note that the car is small in size. This makes it easy to step on and it may get damaged more easily than bulkier RC cars


This is a stunning design, but not the most practical. The car is small and it’s not known for its durability or quality of the parts. It’s not expensive, which reflects in the quality. This could make an excellent gift for a boy, but should not be part of a professional’s fleet, as it may only cause frustration.

What are RC (Remote Control) Cars?

Racing RC Cars is a favorite pastime for many. This includes people of all genders, ages and backgrounds. While fun should be the main consideration in any hobby, you’ll love how quality components can enhance this activity.

This review is put together to help you see what your options are when it’s time to purchase a new RC car. Your current car may need to be replaced and if you make the correct decision in terms of quality and features, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the swap earlier. Let’s look at what you should consider when choosing your ideal item from the list of best RC cars on the market.


Questions you need to ask before purchasing a new RC car

As mentioned, remote-controlled (RC) cars are loved by all types of people, but that doesn’t mean every RC car will fulfill your requirements. You can easily determine what is appropriate for yourself, or for someone else if you’re purchasing it as a gift, by keeping these facts in mind.


Who will use the it the most? Children require different features than adults as they may need simplified features to get the most enjoyment out of the car. Adults, who have move knowledge about technical aspects, want RC cars that allow for many modifications (they they can get expensive!). If a car is left in children’s hands, you should consider aspects such as waterproofing and durability, since the car is bound to be dropped wherever, and handled rough.


Where will the radio-controlled vehicle be used? Some remote control cars are made to ride on rough terrain. If you take other RC cars on this terrain, you’re bound to cause damage to your toy.


The market is flooded with cars of every type, design and price range. There are RC cars for beginners, remote control cars for adults, and rc trucks.

You’re sure to find one that fits your requirements more or less, even if you are looking for the best rc cars under 100. Leave the more expensive ones to those who can also afford to fix the rc cars. RC cars invariably get bumped and damaged, so it doesn’t make sense to spend too much money if your budget won’t allow for repairs to such an expensive item.

Different types of remote control vehicles to choose from

As mentioned above, manufacturers offer you many different types of RC vehicle styles. If you know what you want to do with your RC car, choose from one of the following:

Car – built for speed and style

This type is built for speed, not durability. You need a smooth stretch of road to enjoy them.

Truck – offroad madness

The focus with these RC vehicles is to have fun on off-road terrains. They feature 4- and 2-wheel drive actions to help them get over rocks and sand. They’re durable enough to handle the bumps and falls they may go through along these rough courses. These terrains also require them to be waterproof.

Buggy – all terrain RC machines

These RC vehicles are a mix of cars and trucks. Though they may not perform as well on rocks or go as fast, they’re popular because owners can take them to almost any terrain and have a lot of fun.

How to choose the best remote control car for kids (and adults)?

While you’re out shopping for your RC car, you need to keep your requirements in mind. Use this list of features to ensure you get the best hobby RC cars for money:

  • The tires should be large enough to handle rough terrain if you’re planning on going off road with it
  • Will 2WD or 4WD be the best for the activities you plan?
  • A variety of colors means you can pick one that suits your style or the rest of your fleet
  • Its durability will determine how long it will be used
  • High speed vehicles are more fun than slower ones
  • The size determines how much you’re going to use it. If you purchase one that’s too bulky, you may not have space to transport it everywhere, such as when you go on holiday
  • You have to match the weight to the owner and purpose. Lighter isn’t always better, since weight will increase its handling quality. It must be a comfortable weight for the owner to handle. Children can’t carry heavy cars, since they may drop and damage them
  • A waterproofed vehicle is beneficial, so you know you don’t have to navigate away from puddles and moisture all the time
  • The remote must fit your hands and be user friendly
  • A remote control and transmitter that responds well to your adjustments
  • Aesthetics matter with this hobby. You want your RC car to look as amazing as you feel when it crosses a finish line. The detail of the design adds to the value of an RC car
  • Customization is important, especially for adults and professionals. Many RC car settings can be adjusted so it responds in the way the owner requires
  • Some cars can even be tuned via smartphone applications
  • How long is the battery life?



Final verdict

The TOQIBO is by far the winner in this contest. It looks stunning and it performs well. Any age will love it, so it fulfills much of what your wish list contains. Start having fun today and add this to your fleet at home.

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