1966 Mustang Parts: Replacement, Maintenance & Repair

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1966 Ford Mustang

Whether you are restoring your 1966 Mustang, keeping one in good repair, or doing ongoing maintenance, you need the right parts to complete your work. While a 1966 vehicle is obviously an older car, it is one that is well known, stylish, and popular so you will probably have more luck finding the parts that you need than if you were working other more obscure years and models.

Knowing what parts you need and where to look for them is a good start when taking care of you prized Ford Mustang. Whether it is in mint condition or you’re returning it to stock, finding high-quality parts is a must. Your time, money, and energy are worth more than cheap parts that will need to be replaced quickly. Do your research and find the quality parts you really want so your car will look stellar for years to come.

Used Parts

There is no way that every part you put into your Ford Mustang is going to be brand new. This is especially true when you are looking at major replacement parts such as those needed to fix the body. This means if you are looking for a grille, hood, or door, you may have to do some hard searching but you’re likely to find one. Look in car magazines and online groups (like Facebook Market Place). You will often find ads for parts but if you inquire, they may offer more than what is being advertised. It never hurts to ask and buy things that might need replacing in the future as well.

Restoring Mustang

Keep your eyes open not just for deals but for people who have given up on their restoration projects. They may be open to selling things in an attempt to recoup some of their financial investment. Buying quality used parts helps your bottom line when it comes to budget, whether you are restoring, repairing, or maintaining the car.

You can use sites such as:

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. Auto Wreckers
  3. Kijiji
  4. Mustang Clubs

These are just examples but a quick search will find places local to you that may have other obscure parts available.

New Parts

Finding both small and big parts for a car that is over 50 years old is not as easy as if you were looking for a more current model and year. Finding bolts and brackets along with items for maintenance and repair can take a little bit of time. While you can probably find some rougher looking parts at auto wreckers or from other people’s projects, restoring them takes time if you need to get them back to looking new. You may not have the time to invest in this labor-intensive activity and it may not be worth the cost difference. These are the times when you may want to buy new ones or consider purchasing a Ford Racing Crate Engine. While it may be more costly financially, it can also save you a lot of time and effort. New isn’t a bad thing, especially with maintenance and general repairs. You want new wires, plugs, and engine parts if the car is in regular use and you are doing routine maintenance.

New is also often easier to find on sites such as:

  1. Mustang Specialty Shops
  2. High-Performance Car Stores
  3. Ford Dealerships

Ongoing Care for Your Classic Mustang

Ongoing Care For Your Classic Mustang

Buying parts for restoration, repair, or maintenance means you also have to buy items to make sure your investments stay cared for. Make sure you keep on top of things like oil changes, spark plugs, brakes and replacing brake pads if the car is restored and running. A checkup and brake pump by a mechanic never hurts when it comes to high-end use parts.

Making sure there are no squeaks and squeals or clunks in the steering that shouldn’t be there is important. Regular rides are great if it is drivable and an important part of regular maintenance simply because you can often hear if there is a problem. Go for a drive after repairs or replacements, too, simply to make sure all is running smoothly.

You should also make sure the exterior is maintained with cleaning and wax. If you live in an area where there are snow and ice, you might want to keep your car in a heated garage or at least protected from the elements. Even in warmer areas, make sure your car is hand washed using a good car soap to keep its outside and inside shining. Interior leather protector and wheel maintenance should also be performed regularly. This protects the work you have already done along with making sure new parts maintain their shine.

If you have a high performance Ford engine installed make sure it’s tuned properly by a professional, you only run high octane (91+) fuel, and be diligent about keeping all the fluids topped up. All those extra HP numbers come at a price! You don’t want to grenade your engine by trying to save a couple bucks at the pump.

Final Thoughts

Finding 1966 mustang parts is not always the easiest thing to do but the internet makes it much simpler as it adds a list of items around the world that can be delivered to your workshop with ease. Whether you are restoring the car from an old frame, doing repairs to one that is drivable, upgrading with Ford racing parts, or simply maintaining one that has been restored to its original state, knowing where to get parts and maintenance items is important. Working with an older car can be expensive so having various shops you can rely on for quality parts both new and used is essential.

Networking with others who are also working on or own a 1966 Ford Mustangs is just as important as having reliable parts vendors. Not only will your networks lead you to the ever-elusive parts but it will also help keep your costs lower as you can often find parts that may need a little work and can trade off the cost for your elbow grease.

Restoring a car is a great project and keeping it in good repair and well maintained is crucial to protecting it. Having a solid group of go-to shops and networks makes car ownership enjoyable.

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