Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner Review 2018

Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner Review

Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Transmission – Review for 2018

Hey friends from the internet! Matt here with to bring you the latest OBD2 scanner review – I was real excited to get to test out this code reader and get you all the Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner Review. I hope this review helps you if you’re in the market for a new scanner!

The Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner is packing some of the latest technology of OBD2 tools and is geared towards intermediate to advanced users. The tool runs on the DPU platform constructed from chip DP431 and JV700. As soon as I held this scanner, I knew that I was holding a high quality, American-built, tool. Launch Tech USA is, after all, an American company and I love supporting U.S. companies. This scanner is definitely not the cheapest scanner for the price, but it has some bells and whistles that are found on code readers costing 10x as much. The ability to read ABS, SRS, and Transmission codes are what really set this OBD2 diagnostic tool apart from the cheaper scanners.

Bottom Line
Not only does it read and clear your check-engine light, but it’s a diagnostic tool for ABS, SRS, Oil, SAS and more! Live data graph helps you monitor your vehicle while you make repairs and tune – Works for most every vehicle made after 1996 – Great customer service in case you have any troubles


Main Features

Besides its great look, the scanner has many awesome features. Here’s some of the main features:

  • Broad compatibility– the Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner won’t leave you missing any features when it comes to diagnostics. Not only does it read+clear OBD2 trouble codes (like most scanners we review here…) but it also gives you live stream data, SRS, ABS, and Transmission codes. On top of that, it also has support for Manufacturer Specific Enhanced Data for Asian, Euro and Domestic cars. Try doing that with a $20 scanner!
  • Information – Never be lacking the information that you need to fix your car! The Live Information along with Freeze Data will help you pinpoint that pesky issue and get you back on the road in no time.
  • 1 year warranty – don’t worry about parts going bad or defects for one year. Although with the way this tool was built, I suspect it will last many years.

Other Features (that are not as exciting but pretty useful):

  • Bigger protocol compatibility along with code reading – This device has some of the greatest data coding volumes that are recognized to cover the manufacturer specified and generic codes. This device is also proven to be broadly compatible with not only United States manufactured vehicles, but also a number of other vehicles manufactured in Europe and Asia.
  • Advanced OBD2 Code Reading – the LAUNCH CRP123 will not leave you hanging with a generic code… It also retrieves your vehicle manufacture-specific code. Additionally, it has support for 10 modes of OBD2… 10 modes!? Yeah, I bet you didn’t know there were that many OBDII modes. To read more about the modes, here’s a great site:
  • Tiny(?) – Not everything is better when it’s bigger! The tool has only 1.4 pounds and measuring just 9.2 (width) x 7.8 (height) x 1.7 (deep) inches. So this sucker is easy to store in the tool box and convenient to carry.
  • Quality Design – As mechanics, we are pretty hard on our tools (at least I am!). One thing I liked about the LAUNCH CRP123 is the construction. This thing has a durable plastic cover… and it’s not the kind of plastic that kid’s Matchbox cars are made out of!
  • ABS, transmission (A/T) and airbag (SRS) code support… Yeah I know I mentioned it once, but seriously, these features make the CRP123 worth the price
  • Updates – these are available through the included USB cable. Just hook it up to your laptop, and you’re good to go

Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner Review – Final Thoughts


Grab yourself the Launch CRP123 today

Things I liked (Pros)

This tool could replace my $3,000 Snap-On…It’s a durable, rugged tool that can handle the day-to-day ‘activities’ that us mechanics put our tools through. Support for ABS, SRS, and Transmission codes are icing on the cake. I like how many vehicles the CRP123 supported. If you’re needing an OBDII scanner for Euro and Asian cars, this is a good option. I was able to test it on a few of my friend’s Mercedes (SL500) and BMW’s that most OBDII tool have troubles with and it performed flawlessly (depending on your Beamer pin out, you might need a 16 pin to round 20 pin adapter). The graphing feature is very helpful and it’s easy to choose the PID’s to graph.

It might be aimed towards the ‘mid to advanced’ gearhead, but honestly, anybody with a little elbow grease and 5 minutes to read the owner manual could use it. The updates are an added bonus. No need to worry about losing support for 2016 and beyond car models. Easy to use.

What I did not like (Cons)

As with all things, there are some drawbacks to the Launch CRP123. First things first, we’ll provide a link to the tool on Amazon, but PLEASE make sure you purchase it from a ‘Launch Authorized Seller’ or ‘Launch Original product’ seller. I’ve heard that there are some shady people cloning this tool and selling them at below-average prices and there are all sorts of horror stories because of it.. Aside from from that, there really wasn’t much I can complain about. If you want a simple OBDII code reader, there are cheaper alternatives.


The Launch Tech CRP123 is an awesome scanner. It has the potential to replace and fill the boots of $1,000+ scanners. It’s easy to use and provides all the information that you need to see to get right to fixing the problem. ABS/SRS/Transmission support is awesome. Not only does it provide the generic codes, but it also shows the manufacture-specific codes. Support for Asian and European vehicles is very handy if that’s what your clients are driving (Audi, Mercs, BMWs, etc). The graphing and freeze frame data is pretty neat… no need to watch the screen while you’re driving. Just take the car out for a spin and view the graph from the comfort of your shop. Just be careful where you purchase it from; we only recommend buying it from a “sold and fulfilled by amazon” seller. Overall this is a terrific, low-priced , universal scanner.

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