INNOVA 3140 OBD2/OBD1 Review [2018 newest]

Who is the Innova Company?

Vince here with ScannerAnswers and I’m pumped to write this INNOVA 3140 OBD2 review for you to help decide the best OBDII scanner for your needs.

They started in 1990, and since then Innova Electronics Corporation has created excellent OBD2 tools for diagnosing and repairing practically any car or truck driving today. Each Innova device aims to make vehicle repairs simple, effective, accurate and economical. The INNOVA 3140 OBD 2/OBD 1 Scan Tool is no exception to the quality you’ve come to expect from Innova.

Bottom Line
View Live Vehicle DATA – Read and Erase CEL warnings – Read and clear ABS lights on most domestic, Honda, and Toyota – Check quality of battery and alternator

INNOVA 3140 Scanner Review

This OBDII scanner has some features only found on high end scan tools. It can read and erase codes for ABS, view live engine data, graph and record engine data. This is an awesome tool for any backyard mechanic or weekend warrior.

Our favorite features

  • Support for major OBD2 protocols: ISO 9141, C.A.N. (Controller Area Network), J1850VPW, J1850PWM and KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4.
  • Read and erase ABS codes on 1996-current GM, FORD, and Chrysler Honda and Toyota vehicles.
  • Live data lets you view exactly what’s going on with your engine to isolate the problem

Other features that we enjoyed

Broad information features – with the capacity to read, present graphic data , record and playback the information, this scan device offers its user a great chance of getting the best scan experience. An additional data which can be gathered include the vehicle information plus the check engine light readiness functions.

Easy to read display– all the data is relayed on a perfectly formed screen in which the operator has a great chance to successfully receive and understand the info and act on the reported details.

INNOVA 3140 included.jpg
What’s included with the Innova 3140

The INNOVA 3140 OBD 2 Scan Tool offers a multilingual output with the capacity to view the data in different languages. This gives wide variety and flexibility to any user.

Battery back-up – The INNOVA 3140 OBD 2 Scan Tool with OBD2 Live Data is recognized to be as one of the tools the auto mechanic is able to use with no need for connecting to the vehicle engine. Therefore, it is an effective, time-saving device.

Easy to update – Simply plug into your computer using the included USB cable and download the latest updates.

Grab yourself an Innova 3140 Scanner here

Compact design – It’s a fairly compact tool having only four pounds in weight and a total measurement of 15 by 3 by 10.2 inches.

Great after sales customer support – the Innova technical team is always available to assist with any problem as a result of the tools use. The auto mechanic and driver can have a simple and no fuss drive.

What we liked most

Performance- this OBD scan tool is very effective within its range of action. It provides the user with quick and dependable data which the driver or the mechanic can use for repairs.

User-friendly set up- the procedure of setting up the OBD tool software is quite simple, easy and even beginner friendly.

Great reliability – the device is a valuable partner you can rely on to help you with problems because of the obtainable library, online and offline supports. The scan outcomes are regarded as top notch.

Things we disliked

I’ve heard reports from people using the  INNOVA 3140 that the battery check status is not accurate. I was able to test our unit on a 2012 Toyota Highlander, 2010 Honda Pilot, and our trusty shop truck, a 1998 Chevy 1500. The battery and alternator check functionality worked flawlessly, but it’s something to be aware of. Also, watch out for Innova’s customer service. Sometimes they can be a hassle to work with.

Conclusion and final thoughts

If you are looking for a scanner that has ABS and OBD2 codes, then the Innova 3140 is a great choice. It has some premium features like live data, ABS support, and instant emissions check. It comes with a 1 year manufacture warranty and backed by a name you can trust: Innova.

I do feel that for the price, it’s on the higher end of scanners. There are many OBD2 scanners for your Android or IPhone that have the same features, and cost half the price.

With that said, this is a great OBD2 tool that should be on your list of considerations if you’re on the market for a wired scan tool.

I hope you enjoyed this INNOVA 3140 OBD2 Review. If you have any questions, please leave a  comment.


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