COBB Accessport V3 Installation Step-by-Step

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COBB Accessport V3 Installation Step-By-Step


The Cobb Accessport V3 is one of the best selling and easiest to use engine control units (ECUs). It can access and unlock the power is hidden in your vehicle by resetting the original moderate factory settings and replacing them with more aggressive calibrations. This Accessport lets you observe, show, and data-log any info that the stock ECU registers as your vehicle runs. It will also allow any Cobb licensed Pro-Tuner to make a custom tune for your vehicle.

Installing a Cobb Tuning Accessport lets you see more information on how your vehicle engine is performing and allows you to run a staged map developed by Cobb. Either way, you can maximize your car’s potential with this great ECU.

The Cobb Tuning Accessport is completely customizable with its look, layout, and mounting choices. It has great processing power, memory, and lots of storage so you can flash quickly and still be save all your maps and logs. You get:

  • High res and color screen
  • Multi-gauge customizable display
  • Vehicle mount that includes an on/off switch
  • Easy use
  • Interchangeable faceplates

Installation Steps

Once you have this Cobb Accessport V3, it’s easy to install. All vehicle brands are different but, generally, they are all pretty straightforward. The Accessport comes with complete instructions but the first steps of the install are pretty easy.

1. Find the OBD-II port in your car. They’re different depending on the vehicle but a quick Google search or peek in your manual should point out the correct port.

2. Once you find the port, insert the male end of the OBD-II cable into it.

3. Some cars require extra steps. For example, for the SUB-001 and SUB-002, you need to connect two green test mode connectors. Once you have those in place, put your key into the ON position but do NOT start the engine. The fans and fuel pump will come on and your check engine light should This ensures that your vehicle is in Test Mode. Once you confirm this, turn the key to OFF and move forward with the rest of the install. You need to do this step every time you are changing the base map.

Other models may need you to use an additional connector along with the green ones and others do not require any of the above. Make sure you follow the directions for your particular vehicle to ensure the Accessport works the way it should.

4. After you complete step three if needed, connect the smaller end of the OBD-II cable to the Accessport. Make sure the clasp is completely locked.

Installation Steps


5. The next step is to put your key in the ignition and turn it ON. Do not turn the engine over. Before you do this, turn off the heat or AC, headlights and radio. If your car has a push-button start, push the button twice but do not push on the brake or clutch. Please note that your engine should not be running at this point.

6. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the ON position. Make sure headlights, climate control, and the radio are turned off. If you have a push-button start, hit it twice without depressing the clutch or Please note that the engine should NOT be running.

7. Choose the install option on your Accessport so you can start the full installation process.

8. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not do anything to halt the Accessport or OBD-II cable while you are doing the installation. If you interrupt the process, you may end up with reprogramming that is not complete and the vehicle will no longer run.

The Installation Process

9. Once you begin the install, the Accessport will try to ID the vehicle it is plugged into. Once it has chosen the correct vehicle, press OK to confirm it is correct. If you get an error, take a look at the online troubleshooting guide found in the Accessport User Manual at

10. Once the Accessport chooses the correct vehicle, you are shown a list of maps for that particular vehicle. The map that you choose will be the base map for the vehicle. Choose the map that is the closest to the modification level of the vehicle for optimal performance. If you hold the OK button, you can see detailed map information. Once you confirm that the map you have chosen is correct, press OK again to move forward. If you don’t want to use that map, press cancel and go back to the list for further map selection.

11. You can save the stock ECU program data if desired. The timing of this process depends on the type of vehicle. It can take anywhere from five to 30 minutes. It is suggested that you use a battery charger for both the install and uninstall processes. If for some reason the stock data is lost or not saved, then the data that comes with Accessport will be utilized when you uninstall it.

12. Installing programming: Once the stock ECU data is saved, the Accessport install it on your vehicle. When this happens, the Accessport manager reprograms your vehicle’s ECU with the new program data and calibration outlines as in the map file that you chose. This install takes several minutes to finish.

Completing the Installation: The final step of installation happens when you clear the trouble codes. Once this is done, turn off the ignition and wait for at least 10 seconds. Then your screen will say “installation complete”. You don’t have to leave the Accessport plugged in unless you want to use it for gauges, logging data, and testing performance.

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