VAG 409.1 USB diagnostic cable Review – OBD2 tool for VW and Audi

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VAG OBD ii Scanner Cable Review

Matt here with Scanneranswers to talk about the Vag OBD2 cable review.  I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that this is probably not the best scanner for the beginner. We spent way too much time trying to get it working with our Windows 8 laptop, and even though it was able to reset the airbag light on our VW Golf, it wasn’t worth the hassle.

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Bottom Line
USB cable that is designed for VW and Audi cars – Difficult to install the right Windows drivers to get it working

VAG cable – what we liked

Every mechanic needs a good diagnostic scan tool to ensure that they can diagnose and repair any trouble codes that a vehicle may throw at them, including the dreaded check engine light or other part of the sensor control unit. There are a variety of diagnostic scan tools and code readers available on the market that range in pricing. Some of the most cost-effective solutions are the OBD ii cable and the VAG-COMM cable (VAG OBD ii).

This handy little cable allows mechanics to diagnose trouble codes by simply attaching to a laptop computer via USB. This eliminates the need for expensive hardware as most people already own a laptop and simply need to purchase the cable.

The diagnostic tool cable plugs into a vehicle’s OBD ii port just like any other scanner would. The only difference is that the end of the cable plugs into a laptop rather than a dedicated device. The cable will come with software that reads and presents the codes to the mechanic so that they can begin work on resolving the issue.

How to use the VAG 409 USB Cable


One of the main advantages to choosing a VAG OBD scanner cable is the cost. They are noticeably less expensive than many dedicated diagnostic tools like VCDS. This makes them a fantastic solution for home mechanics that only work on vehicles as a hobby and may not be interested in dropping a lot of money up front for a dedicated scanner. New mechanic shops could also use these cables to help save on startup costs. Many shops may have a laptop handy and have no need for dedicated scanners to diagnose fault codes.

However, there are some considerations before buying a VAG OBD ii scanner cable. First of all, is a laptop going to be available for use whenever a code needs to be read? If laptop access is not a guarantee then the scanner cable may not be the best choice.

Second, how much time do you have to spend trying to get this cable working? We spent the better part of a Saturday afternoon just getting it to communicate with our Windows computer. It sucked!

Also, users should note that these cables are not compatible with every make and model. Be sure to review closely which vehicles work with the VAG OBD ii scanner cable to avoid any disappointment when the cable arrives.

It’s also important to understand if you are getting an authentic cable or a replica model. The reproduction cables can work well but they may ship with outdated software. Before making any purchase, be sure to ask the seller if you are buying an authentic cable or not. If not, you need to ask yourself if the lack of support could potentially be worth saving money up front. If the cable turns out not to meet your needs then it may cost more money in the long run when you choose to buy an authentic cable.

Being able to take charge of your own repairs is one of the greatest benefits of owning a VAG OBD diagnostic cable. No more paying money to repair shops and trusting them to do the job right. If you do still choose to visit a repair shop, understanding what code is present in your vehicle can help you understand the repair options that the shop may pursue. This can help you save money by choosing a shop that’s honest with you up front.


No matter what your reason for choosing a VAG OBD ii scanner cable, it is a decent purchase. As long as the cable meets your needs and works with the vehicle you plan on working on, there is no reason why this cable can’t hold its own when compared with much more expensive dedicated code scanners on the market.

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