ONLU Rooftop Cargo Carrier Review: More Storage for Your Next Trip

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Hey there, Matt here from Scanner Answers. Today we’re reviewing a rooftop cargo carrier from ONLU. This cargo carrier, unlike most of its competitors, works on almost every car or SUV, even those that don’t have a roof rack or cross bars. That makes it great for those who love to take road trips but want to do so on a budget. Let’s take a quick look at the cargo carrier so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

Design and Capacity

The ONLU rooftop cargo carrier has a soft-shell design with water resistant zippers and Velcro covers to insulate your cargo. It’s a great size — small enough to easily fit on your roof, but big enough to fit all your cargo. At 20 cubic feet, you’ll be able to fit everything you need, even for the longest of road trips. I tested one out on a 2014 Kia Soul, and it did not drape over the sides or front of the car. If you have a very small car, such as a Ford Fiesta, Mitsubishi Mirage, or Mini Cooper, you may want to measure your roof to make sure this cargo carrier will fit. It will take up about 55″ x 38″ when fully packed.

One thing I noticed right out of the box was how sturdy the material of the cargo carrier seemed. I only used it for one trip, but it seems strong enough to last many hundreds or even thousands of miles. The zipper was a little tough to use, but that is probably just because of how heavy duty it is. The manufacturers say it is completely waterproof! Also included was an anti-slip mat to help keep the cargo carrier in place on your roof. This is a plus, and it might even help prevent your roof from getting scratched.


The instructions included with the cargo carrier are very easy to follow with pictures that are very illuminating. It only took me about 15 minutes to get everything out of the box and installed on top of my 2014 Kia Soul. I was able to do it without any help from others and without any tools.

Since this car doesn’t have cross bars, I used the car clips to attach the cargo carrier to my roof. The car clips work by attaching to the weather stripping on your doorframe. It might take a little fiddling with it to find where the clips lock into, but I once I hooked them in correctly, the clips latched on tight and did not move. I was easily able to shut my car door even with the clips attached, and I had no trouble with the clips coming loose when I opened my doors after getting everything installed.

On the Road

Once I had everything installed, I took my car for a spin. As the instructions suggested, I started driving at relatively low speeds, and I stopped after about five miles to make sure everything was still attached properly. I noticed that the cargo carrier shifted backward a little, but the straps were still all tight and everything seemed to be in place. With everything looking good, I headed for the freeway.

At about 70 miles per hour, the front of the cargo carrier did start to flap in the wind just a bit. The straps attach about a foot back from the very front of the carrier, so this part is not held down to the car on its own. Whether or not this will be a major issue for you depends on the cargo you’re loading it with. In my test, the cargo carrier was only about half full. It works best when it’s completely full, and especially when the heaviest items are at the front of the vehicle. That will prevent it from shifting at high speeds.

Another thing to note is that, because the straps go through your door, the rubber seals around your doors may not be able to completely close. This makes for a bit louder of a drive. Again, this is most noticeable at higher speeds, and it’s not a major issue — just something worth noting.


When you’re finished with your trip, the ONLU cargo carrier folds down for easy storage. Removing the straps from your car is even easier than putting them on, and the cargo carrier fits back in the bag it ships in, ready for your next adventure. Once you have all your cargo out, you should be able to get the whole thing put away in about ten minutes.

Price and Warranty

This cargo carrier is a great value at less than $70 at the time of this review. To put that in context, rooftop cargo carriers from some of the big brands can go for over $500! That alone makes the ONLU rooftop cargo carrier worth a close look. Fortunately, the high-quality materials mean this cargo carrier feels nearly as premium as the most expensive options out there. Plus, the manufacturers are offering a two-year warranty, so if anything happens down the road, they should be able to help you out.

Our Conclusion

At this price point, the ONLU rooftop cargo carrier is a terrific value. Its sturdy design with high-quality materials makes it a smart choice. Especially for cars without a roof rack or cross bars, this is something you should really consider picking up before your next road trip.  To read more about this car topper and other reviews of it, you can view it on Amazon by clicking this link: ONLU Car Topper.

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