How to Fix a Blown Head Gasket in One Affordable Easy Step

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How To Fix A Blown Head Gasket In One Affordable Easy Step

A lot of people are scared of doing even simple car repairs on their own but there are some things that anyone can handle with a little bit of preparation. If you’re ever wondered how to fix a blown head gasket in one easy step, you’re in the right place.

What Is a Head Gasket?

A head gasket sits between your engine black and cylinder head. Its job is to seal the combustion chamber so your car builds the proper compression to contain the exhaust. It also keeps coolant and oil from getting into the combustion chamber.

To do this, the head gasket has to stand up to high pressure and a range of temperatures, from cold winter ambient temperatures to high pressure and heat. So it’s not surprising for a head gasket to develop leaks over time.

If you have a blown head gasket, you should not drive your car or at least drive it as little as possible. When the hot gases of the combustion chamber and cold coolant move through the blown gasket, the metal in the engine block can erode or warp which leads to expensive and extensive repairs.

Signs of a Blown Head Gasket

A blown head gasket isn’t something you can diagnose by quickly looking at the engine. Instead, some signs let you know that your head gasket is no longer working correctly, including:

How to Fix a Blown Head Gasket

How To Fix A Blown Head Gasket


If you’re concerned about the cost of a head gasket repair at the mechanic, there is an easy option you can try at home that just might save you a lot of time and inconvenience.

Some people swear by a head gasket sealer and, in some cases, the right product is all you need to get the job done.

Head gasket sealer works by taking advantage of the processes that are happening in your car. You pour the product into your radiator. Then, let your car run for about a half hour, leaving the heater and fan running on high. These sealers work when the chemicals in the sealant heat up and fill in the gaps and cracks in the head gasket. When they cool, they harden and the repair is complete.

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After you use a head gasket sealer, monitor your car’s performance for a few days to make sure the sealant worked. If your overheating issues stop and don’t come back, it’s a pretty good sign that your repair was a success.

These sealants are not a permanent fix but they can help you get through until you can afford a head gasket repair or until one becomes absolutely necessary. Smaller engines need less sealant than larger ones so make sure you have enough product for the size of your car’s engine.

No matter what product you use, make sure you read and follow the directions carefully. Some ask you to drive your car for about 20 minutes to make sure the sealant circulates throughout the system. After that, you may have to let the car sit for a few hours to allow everything to cool.

TheRustyCracker made a nice video showing his results of the BlueDevil sealer. It lasted him 10,000 miles! Not bad for a temporary fix!

Best Blown Head Gasket Sealants

Now that you know what to do, let’s take a look at some of the best head gasket sealants available.

1. BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer

BlueDevil is a mechanic-approved head gasket sealer that’s safe and easy to use. It’s ASTM compliant and works with all types of gas and diesel engines, bonding to aluminum, cast, alloy, or plastic. One of the things we really like about it is that it works in any weather conditions which makes it super convenient to use.

This product is not only effective for head gaskets but also warped or cracked heads, leaking heater cores, or leaking freeze plugs. It contains no particulate or solid matter and won’t harm or clog your vehicle’s engine. Plus, the 32-ounce bottle is a good value.

2. Permatex High Tack Gasket Sealant

Permatex gasket sealant is a reliable, fast-drying sealant that seals most cracks and gaps. One of the reasons why it’s such a good choice is that, when it dries, it stays highly tacky so it never gets brittle. This also means it can fill some large cracks that other sealants might not be able to handle.

This product resists antifreeze, lubricant, propane, butane, oil and gasoline. It’s sensor-safe and has a temperature range of -65 to 500 degrees F. In addition to being a good choice for head gaskets, it’s also effective for carburetors, manifold gaskets, valve covers, and fuel pumps and works with multiple materials, including paper, rubber, and cork.

A nice thing about this product is it’s available in two different sizes and you can get it in packs of 12 so you can get the volume you need and even stock up for later, just in case.

3. Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Fix

Another popular gasket sealer is this one from Bar’s Leaks. This formula contains sodium silicate and a variety of particles that harden completely when exposed to air, effectively sealing any small crack, gap, or rupture. The large 24-ounce bottle is available as a single item or a multipack of four.

This product is particularly effective for small fixes or long, thin cracks but isn’t recommended for large ruptures. It’s a great choice for a coupe, sedan, or truck but the particles in the formula could damage delicate engines like those in supercars or vintage vehicles. Still, this is a popular and effective fix for small, simple jobs in your family car.

The Easy, Affordable Fix

If you have determined that a blown head gasket is giving you trouble, the answer to how to fix a blown head gasket is simple. Try a gasket sealer!

Read the instructions carefully for the product you choose as each one is a little different. Remember, this isn’t a permanent fix but it is one that can last quite a while and save you the cost of a big repair bill until you’re able to fit it into your budget.

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