All about the International MXT – Price, MPG, and other Specs

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international mxt price mpg interior specs

Everything You Need to Know about the International MXT

The International MXT. It’s the world’s Most eXtreme Truck! If you want a bigger than life truck then you have to take a look at this monster! Easily tow up to 15,000 pounds, crawl over rugged terrain, and be the largest pickup in your town.

It’s a shame that International ended the production of the MXT (Militatary/Most eXtreme Truck) pickup truck in 2008. Back then, larger-than-life pickup trucks and SUVs were not selling well. Couple that with a faltering economy and high fuel prices, and it seems the International MXT is destined to fail right from the beginning.

But this doesn’t mean the International MXT is a bad vehicle. On the other hand, I seriously think International should bring back an updated version of the MXT. If you’re one of those people who have serious dough to spend on an off-road super truck much like the Rezvani Tank or Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6, I’m pretty sure you’ll be interested in the International MXT.

International MXT Overview

International is the maker of the 100-Series pickup truck. It was sold in 1969 to 1975. The company decided to manufacture an off-road SUV in 1961. They called it the Harvester Scout and production ended in 1980.

1979 International Harvester Scout II
1979 International Harvester Scout II – Img creds: David on Flickr

But everything changed in 2004. Just when everyone thought that Navistar will strictly focus on commercial trucks, they came up with the Extreme Truck Series or the XT. The CXT (Commercial Extreme Truck) and the RXT (Recreational Extreme Truck) are based on the medium-duty truck range of International.

The CXT in particular is the tallest pickup truck sold in the USA. It spans 108-inches from top to bottom which makes it literally stand out from even the biggest trucks produced by Ford, RAM, or GM. The CXT is an extreme heavyweight. It tips the scales at approximately 14,500 lbs. which is twice as heavy as the Hummer H1. The CXT also had a maximum towing capacity of 20 tons.

But the CXT is primarily conceived as a commercial truck. International came up with the smaller MXT in 2006. The MXT entered production in 2007. It has similar proportions to the Hummer H1 4-door pick-up truck but it was larger in all aspects.

International MXT vs Hummer

international MXT vs hummer
International MXT next to a Hummer – Img creds: Airborne Combat Engineer

Want to know how large the MXT is compared to the Hummer? The MXT is a full 12-inches taller and 68-inches longer than the Hummer H1. It may share the same cab with the larger CXT, but Navistar gave the MXT a unique frame that sits 17-inches lower for improved aerodynamics and drivability.

It is also equipped with a hood and front fenders that are unique to the MXT. The headlights are derived from the International 9000 Series while the 7-foot pickup bed is custom made specifically for the MXT.

The International MXT is a BIG truck!

Quick Stats: 

  • Horsepower – 300+
  • Torque – 530lb-ft
  • Towing Capacity – 15,000 lbs
  • MPG – 8-10mpg
  • Fuel – Diesel
  • Width – 96 inches
  • Height – 91 inches
  • Length – 252 inches

Everything about the International MXT is designed to be bigger than anything on the road (apart from cargo trucks, of course). The MXT is 96 inches wide and 91-inches tall. The entire truck is 21-feet long. It comes equipped with International’s very own VT365 6.0-liter V8 diesel with variable-vane turbochargers. This gargantuan engine can produce 300-horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque.

The standard transmission is an Allison 2200 RDS five-speed automatic. The front axles have a 6,500-pound capacity while the Dana rear axles can support up to 11,000-pounds. The 40-gallon fuel tank is a God-send in the MXT since this truck can only achieve an average of 10 to 13 mpg. Think about that for a second. This truck needs 18 to 23 liters of diesel for every 100 kilometers. It sounds insane, but it is only fitting for such a big and heavy truck.

Whereas the CXT and the RXT have curb weights of 13,900 lbs. and 10,900 lbs. respectively, the MXT is no featherweight at 10,500 lbs. All this heft will penalize the average fuel economy, but this also means you can tow a maximum of 15,500 lbs. The MXT has a payload capacity of 4,000 lbs. which means you can tow and carry the biggest loads with ease.

The International MXT is also fitted with special custom 20-inch alloy wheels with eight holes for the standard lug nuts. The standard tires are off-road specific 40 x 13.5 Pro Comp rubber. While commercial trucks are equipped with air brakes, the MXT makes good use of a hydraulic braking set-up. This is either a good thing or bad thing, but at least the brakes are strong enough to haul the MXT to a complete stop despite the spongy and grabby feel of the brake pedal.

As with any pickup truck, the highlight is the bed. The 7-foot bed is an all-aluminum box. It is large enough to carry a full-size motorcycle even with a closed tailgate. The rear is equipped with a class 4 hitch receiver. You also get extra-large tow hooks for recovery or towing purposes.

The International MXT can be equipped with a conventional coil-link or airbag suspension. The truck is offered in 4×2 or 4×4 configurations.

International MXT Trim Levels and Pricing

stack of money
The International MXT is not a cheap truck!

The International MXT may look tough on the outside, but it offers large servings of luxury and comfort on the inside. The base model MXT starts at around $70,000 to $90,000. You get a leather wrapped steering wheel, remote keyless entry, power amenities, chrome finish on the front and rear bumpers, side vents, fuel cap, and tailgate handle, and anodized-aluminum cab steps.

If you choose the prestige interior trim, International will throw in white-faced sport gauges, silver interior accents, full-length and padded front armrests, leather front and rear seats, and plush carpeting.




2005 international mxt leather interior
International MXT luxury leather interior – Img creds:
2008 international mxt black interior
These International MXT’s have some awesome interiors! Img creds: Autoplex on Ebay


If Rolls Royce offers bespoke options for their clients, so does the International MXT. You can choose captain’s chairs for the back seats instead of the usual bench seats, a dash mounted touchscreen infotainment system with DVD player and backup camera, a widescreen 10-inch monitor for the rear passenger compartment, a Playstation gaming console, or even a multi-disc CD changer (which was big in the late 2000s).

The International MXT is so big that the interior can comfortably accommodate up to five grown and large adults. The diesel mill is not as refined as modern oil burners but there’s an honesty to how the engine builds up power and torque. And since the MXT has a four-door crew cab configuration, this is perhaps one of the most practical vehicles for large families.

Sadly, production for the International MXT ended in 2008. However, the low volume means you won’t see a lot of these trucks on the road. And even though the MXT is more than ten years old, prices for this beast are still hovering around $50,000 to $100,000 for a well-maintained unit.


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