P0463 OBD2 Error Code in a Chevy Silverado – A Comprehensive Repair Guide

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Grabbing the attention of many Chevy Silverado owners is the P0463 error code – a common dilemma that, although usually not serious, warrants immediate attention.  This issue, officially termed “fuel level sensor circuit high input“, can potentially disrupt the vehicle’s performance and functionality. Through this exploration, we will explain the P0463 trouble code in depth and its impact on your Chevy Silverado. Our discussion spans from the initial diagnostic protocols, involving the connecting of an OBD-II scanner, identifying the error code, and conducting a preliminary analysis of its root cause, to comprehensive repair and prevention procedures.  We’ll also give you a breakdown of the costs to fix and clear the P0463 code.  The end goal is to arm you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle and prevent this problem, so you can make an informed decision to ensure the optimal performance of your Silverado.

P0463 Error Code in your Chevy Silverado – What Does it Mean?

Getting familiar with your vehicle’s Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) can be a game-changer, especially for tech enthusiasts who love to roll up their sleeves for some insightful troubleshooting. One such code that Silverado owners frequently encounter (unfortunately) is P0463. But what does this specific code mean for your Chevy Silverado? Let’s get right to the details.

The P0463 code signals a problem with the fuel level sensor circuit’s input, specifically indicating it’s reading way too high. This sensor plays a crucial role in monitoring how much fuel remains in the tank. It operates hand-in-hand with the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), the vehicle’s brains behind most automated systems. This sensor’s primary responsibility is to send the PCM accurate information to display the correct fuel gauge readings to the driver.

So what does the P0463 error code imply for your Chevy Silverado? In simple terms, it implies there’s a snag in your vehicle’s fuel level sensor circuit. In most cases, this flaw surfaces as a surprisingly high reading that doesn’t sync with the actual fuel quantity. The PCM identifies this discrepancy as an anomaly, hence triggering the P0463 code.

The triggering of a P0463 code doesn’t necessarily signal a severe issue — there’s no immediate threat to your vehicle’s functionality. However, it could cause convenience-related issues like running out of fuel unexpectedly due to inaccurate fuel gauge readings.

Now that we’ve covered what the P0463 error code is and what it implies for the Silverado let’s highlight the major factors contributing to this issue:

  1. Faulty Fuel Level Sensor: A defective sensor is a common culprit for the P0463 code, translating inaccurate info to the PCM.
  2. Circuit Issue: Problems with the fuel sensor circuit, including faulty wires or connections, can also provoke a P0463.
  3. Malfunctioning Fuel Pump or PCM: While not as common, a failing fuel pump or a flawed PCM can sometimes spur the P0463 error.

The tech-savvy Chevy owner might prefer turning this issue into a DIY project. After scanning and confirming the P0463 code with an OBD-II scanner, the following options can be explored:

  1. Inspect the Fuel Level Sensor: Check out the fuel level sensor for any apparent malfunctions. Replacement sensors are readily available online or at local auto parts stores.
  2. Examine the Circuit: If the sensor seems fine, try tracing the problem back to any possible circuit issues. Be on the lookout for loose connections, damaged wires, or corrosion.
  3. Fuel Pump and PCM: Finally, if the first two steps don’t hit the mark, consider checking the fuel pump and the PCM.


Image description: A car engine with a diagnostic scanner plugged into it, representing the process of diagnosing and troubleshooting car issues.

Additional Ways to Diagnose the Cause of a P0463 Code

1. Digital Multimeter Utilization

One of the most effective methods of diagnosing the P0463 code is the use of a digital multimeter. This device will allow you to test the fuel tank sensor resistance and prove instrumental in isolating the issue at hand. A lack of resistance constitutes an indication of a defective sensor.

2. Visual Inspection is Key

Sometimes, the root of the problem lies in the wiring associated with the fuel level sensor. Visually inspect the wiring, specifically looking for instances of fraying, damage, or disconnection. Additionally, look closely at the connections, ensuring they are clean, corrosion-free and secure. By focusing on wiring and connections, many sensor errors can be rectified.

3. Scan Tool Efficiency

A scan tool is a handy device that allows one to read the PCM data. By monitoring the fuel level sensor input on the scan tool, a clearer determination of the performance and functionality of the PCM can be attained, which may unearth the origins of the P0463 code.

4. Fuel Tank Analysis

Don’t overlook the importance of analyzing the fuel tank. Any lodged debris or obstructions may interfere with the fuel level sensor performance and result in a P0463 reading. Make sure to thoroughly investigate and clean the fuel tank if necessary.  Note: this can be a messy and potentially hazardous job. Proceed with caution!

5. Harness Inspection

Lastly, inspect the fuel pump harness and connector. Any signs of corrosion or damage necessitate immediate attention and likely replacement. Remember, a well-functioning connector is critical for optimal sensor performance.


A digital multimeter and a scan tool, along with a mechanic inspecting a vehicle's fuel tank and harness.

Cost to Fix and Clear the P0463 Code

Below is a list of the most common repairs and the overall costs, based on a mechanic labor rate of $175/hr.  As a side note, labor costs can vary widely, but there has been a sharp increase in mechanic labor rates over the past couple years!  These costs are general estimates based on our research:

Fuel Level Sensor Replacement: 

        Parts: $39 – $105 (depending on model year)

        Labor: 1 – 2 hours @ $175/hr : $175 – $350

        TOTAL:  $214 – $455

Examining Circuit Issues/Loose Wires:

         Parts: (Hopefully none!)

         Labor: 1 hour @ $175/hr

         TOTAL: $175

Fuel Pump Replacement:

        Parts: $180 – $400 (depending on model year)

        Labor:  1 – 2 hours @ $175/hr : $175 – $350

        TOTAL:  $355 – $750

PCM Replacement:

         Parts: $660 – $875

         Labor: 1 hour @ $175/hr

         TOTAL:  $835 – $1050

As you can see, the cost to fix the P0463 code can range from $175 – $1050. It all depends on the exact cause of the issue.  If you can perform the repairs yourself, you can certainly save a couple hundred bucks in most cases.

Repair and Preventive Measures to Consider

In terms of preventing this issue’s re-occurrence, the same strategies used to diagnose and repair the P0463 error code can play a crucial role in preemptive care. Regular checks on the fuel tank, proper care of the fuel level sensor, and routinely checking the wiring harness integrity are all viable prevention tactics.

Digital multimeter measuring voltage with a fuel tank in the background


In most cases, the P0463 code is not a serious issue, but it does warrant your attention.  If you are a skilled DIY mechanic, you can probably perform the diagnostics and repairs yourself.  If you have any doubts about it, though, we highly recommend taking your truck to a certified mechanic.  Remember, the key to a smooth ride is proactive maintenance and timely repairs. So, don’t let an error code like P0463 get in the way of your road adventures. With the equipped skills and know-how, face the issue head-on, resolve it, and cruise on!

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