Fuel Filler Neck Replacement Cost

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Fuel Filler Neck Replacement Cost

A fuel filler neck is an essential piece to your vehicle. In simplest terms, it’s the tube that funnels fuel from the gas cap into your fuel tank. It’s easy to overlook, so knowing exactly when to swap out your vehicle’s filling neck is crucial. We’ll give you an idea of determining when it’s best to replace your fuel filler neck and exactly how much a fuel filler neck replacement will cost.

Fuel filler necks are generally made of metal and rubber materials. Some newer necks are reinforced with steel to prevent general wear-and-tear. A filler neck’s structure is pretty straightforward: the gas cap, or fuel fill inlet, screws into the head of the filler neck. From there, the body of the fuel filler attaches to the fill hose on the gas tank.

The filler neck helps funnel the Diesel or Gasoline from the gas pump nozzle to the vehicle’s fuel tank and prevents spilling or fuel leaks.


Cost to Replace a Fuel Filler Neck for Specific Vehicles

Note: We have updated this article with 2023 costs and prices due to significant inflation in both the parts and labor for vehicle repair. The cost of a fuel filler neck can vary based on your vehicle type, the size of your fuel tank, and the auto shop you choose. A mechanic’s labor rate can have a significant impact on the final price.

On top of the service cost, the fuel filler neck itself can range significantly in prices.

We’d suggest budgeting about $230-$325 dollars for average cost of this repair. Although if the mechanic has to drop the tank or replace other parts, the total cost could jump into the $800 range..

If you’re a hands-on person, you can build your own from FillerNeckSupply.

Check out this video to get an idea what installing a new fuel filler neck might look like on your vehicle:

Ford Fusion

ford fusion filler neck price
Ford Fusion Filler Neck Price is about $150 on the low end | Img Src

An aftermarket, Spectra fuel filler neck for a Ford Fusion on average costs between $175 to $280. The factory cost for a metal fuel filler neck on a 2012 Ford Fusion is about $175 to $300 on average.

The labor rate for most mechanics differs based on location. According to AAA, “auto repair shops in the AAA Approved Auto Repair network charged between $47 and $215 per hour,” for vehicle work. However, the type of work your mechanic is doing influences the cost pretty handily. Call ahead for your mechanic’s labor rate estimate.

Toyota Camry

toyota camry filler neck price
Toyota Camry filler neck costs from $55-$300 | Img Src

The fuel filler neck replacement cost for a Toyota Camry ranges from $50 to $360 just for the parts alone. Factory parts (direct from Toyota) tend to be at least $225, while aftermarket products from other vendors averaged around $120. Keep in mind, different fuel fillers fit different models and makes of the Camry. Double-check your car’s year before you buy just any filler neck.

Replacing a fuel filler neck on a Camry generally takes an hour or less. Following the mechanic labor rate (which has really jumped in price recently) we discussed previously, this could cost anywhere from about $85 to $250, depending on your preferred mechanic.

That’s a total cost of up to $600 bucks!

Honda Accord

honda accord filler neck price
Honda Accord filler neck replacement costs about $150 on average | Img Source

A premium fuel filler neck for a Honda Accord has an average cost of about $170 for an aftermarket replacement. However, on several car parts sites, you can find filler neck replacement parts for many Honda Accord models for roughly $60 or $70. It should take about an hour to replace. If you pay a shop, that’ll be a total cost of about $190

Digging around online or calling your local mechanic for a quote can help you figure out exactly how much replacing a fuel filler neck would cost your specific vehicle.

Thankfully this part is cheaper to replace than bad fuel injectors or a failing fuel pump!

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Fuel Filler Neck?

Out of all the fuel system components that fail, the neck is probably on of the cheapest and easiest to fix.

Suppose you’re not aware that your fuel filler neck needs replacing, but you do know there’s an issue with your car. In that case, it usually takes mechanics about an hour to thoroughly check and adequately diagnose this complication. They have to test where the weak spot is and see how significantly it’s leaking.

After diagnosing the issue, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to replace the filler neck. Again, just like how the fuel filler neck replacement cost varies depending on your car type and the auto repair shop, so does the amount of time it takes to replace the part.

pouring fuel into the car gas tank
If you have to use a funnel to get fuel into your tank… you might have a bad fuel filler neck!

Common Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Filler Neck

As we mentioned previously, car owners frequently overlook the fuel filler neck. To avoid any hazardous situations from a leaky filler, know the signs to watch out for:

  • Faint fuel smell after you’ve filled up your tank and locked on the fuel cap? There’s always some fuel vapor leaks, but if you get home and still have a fuel smell, there could be problems with your vehicle’s fuel system.
  • Fuel spill spots on the ground. Especially during pumping or after the vehicle has sat for a day. This could introduce the risk of fire hazards.
  • Check Engine Light flipped on. In many cars, a faulty filler neck will trigger an error code.
  • Lower Gas/Diesel Mileage. If fuel leaks out of the hose, you could notice a decline in those MPGs.

How Long Does a Fuel Filler Neck Last?

Engineers design most factory fuel filler necks to last the life of your car. However, accidental damage, debris on the road, and general wear and tear can significantly shorten the life of your fuel filler neck.

Since it is a rubber hose, it could become damaged from sharp objects flying off the road… Although, if you’re driving over knives, you’ll probably have other troubles to worry about 🙂

What Causes a Fuel Filler Neck to Go Bad?

Regardless of the durability of your filler neck’s materials, corrosive chemicals can eat away their surfaces. The metal can rust over. Eventually, as the surface wears away, holes or weak spots can appear in the fuel filler inlet. This erosion could sever the connection from the fuel tank filler neck to the rubber hose and gas tank. But this is very rare to see.

Frequent use and time can cause a fuel filler neck to go bad, however, accidents are the main cause.

If your vehicle is hit with enough brute force, or you drive off with the gas pump still in your car, it could significantly damage the fuel filler or fuel tank itself. Pay close attention to any signs that your neck may have turned south. Grab yourself a replacement fuel filler neck before your next fill-up.

gas cap filling
Smelling fuel vapors while pumping gasoline is normal… but that should be the only time you smell it.


The fuel filler neck is a vital component of a vehicle’s fuel system, and proper maintenance is essential to ensure safe and efficient refueling while preventing fuel leaks or spills. If you suspect any issues with the fuel filler neck or the fuel system, you should take your vehicle to a certified mechanic for inspection and/or replacement.

A bad fuel filler neck can be dangerous to drive around with, especially if the hole or leak is significant. It’s a fire hazard for your car and could lead to severe issues on the road.

The fuel filler neck replacement cost differs based on whether you’d like a factory or aftermarket product and your mechanic’s labor rate. Generally, you can expect to spend about $285 for the average vehicle.

To keep yourself and your passengers safe and protect the investment you made in your car, keep an eye on that filler neck! Pay attention to the smell of fuel vapors and don’t ignore ‘check engine’ lights. Trust us; you won’t get very far without this part.

Featured image from FillerNeckSupply – Dodge Ram 2500

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