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Vehicle Review: Buick Verano, 2012 Model Year

Created to bring the Buick’s spot among the vehicles that offer value and comfort in the compact luxury vehicle market, the Verano was launched in 2011 as a 2012 model, and remains with its original generation nowadays. With convincing prices, great fuel mileage the Verano was purchased by a large selection of buyers. All models were presented with Buick’s Quiet Tuning package, which includes multiple sound isolation provisions to provide an amazingly silent drive.

Other components included were an MP3 audio system, two-zone automatic climate regulation and 8 way adjustable front side seats, a superior steering wheel, remote start, rearview camera, an improved audio display system, and much more. Power seats, Fog lamps, heated mirrors, heated leather seats and ultrasonic parking support were available as an options, too. Excellent safety features were covered by Lane Departure Warning, Side Blind Zone alert, Forward Collision Alert plus more, and some other features like built-in Wi-Fi, and IntelliLink systems, plus Smartphone-to-car remote control were obtainable on later versions.

For this model, a standard option was the 2.4L four-cylinder motor from Buick’s Ecotec lineup, providing 180 horsepower. Also, it was available and 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder motor which was able to deliver a powerful 250 horsepower, and all this was matched with a manual six-speed transmission.

Positive Sides: Superb drive quality, fuel mileage, fit and finish, incredible comfort and the trunk space happened to be highly regarded by all previous holders, and many of them were at the start interested in the Verano by the powerful combination of upscale attributes and an appealing price. Curiously, many holders state they shopped the Verano rather than the Chevrolet Cruze.
Negative sides: Some owners have stated the need for better performance, which was expected from the standard motor, unique design, and more relaxing and supportive seats.

If you are enthusiastic about, finding a Verano from 2012 model year with lots of remaining warranty, that should not be an issue – so buying a good model for the right price, ideally from a Buick Dealer should be a good choice. It is a good advice the model is to be pre-checked by a mechanic, and to have any recall work updated on it.

However, some other checks are also advised. Verano features various high-tech connectivity functions, particularly OnStar and Bluetooth. Verify they are both functioning properly, merging your mobile and setting a phone call to verify correct functioning, and reaching the OnStar thru the blue button. Also, inquire the OnStar advisor to ensure that they’re able to locate the vehicle thru GPS. If this is unable, the built-in GPS module might require being changed. Bad GPS modules are quite rare, however, it is worth to evaluate their functions.

Remember to check the touchscreen interface and go through all functions a couple of times, verifying the system does not lag, or crash. If it is doing, a hard-reset may solve the issue. If it does not work, updated software, obtainable through the dealer, may clear up the issues with damaged operating system programming. Otherwise, costly new hardware may be necessary.
Check the leather seating areas for marks or ripping, damage, referring to any you see into negotiations on prices. Frequent use of a good quality leather cleaner on the seats is also recommended to keep their appearance and longevity.
If you are interested in a manual, turbocharged car, be sure to confirm the proper situation and level of engine oil, to ensure that there is no white, dirty smoke, and ensure that overall performance is powerful, linear and constant to full throttle. If any problems are noticed, a poor turbocharger would be the problem. Demand to start the car when the engine is cold, and letting it idle for 5 or 6 minutes before you start to drive. Additionally, make sure the clutch does not slip when a maximum throttle is used at low revs. When it does, the model under consideration requires a new clutch. Although the clutch mainly is lasting for the whole lifetime of the car, a poor driver can damage one in a few months.

Confirm that the trunk opens up smoothly from the interior switch, as well as the remote, and do this several times during your test drive, just to be sure.

Only a small number of holders have mentioned transmission issues, usually embodied as tough shifting, slipping between gears, rolling back on hills or awkward transmission activities.

Some holders also have reported bad stinks coming from the air-conditioning system, usually at low mileage. This problem seems much like one common reported in the Chevrolet Cruze, on which the Verano is actually based. There the bad air conditioner condensation produces mildew and mold to form within the ducts. When the bad smell is noted, dealers can offer a mildew cleaning package as a treatment.

Other basic checks must include the steering system, that may demand more effort to work in the existence of a problem with the power steering system. A few holders have reported that the steering wheel gets harder (or even impossible) to move. This issue is a reflection of similar problems documented on some other GM automobiles, much like the Chevrolet Malibu or Cruze. When you notice any problems such as those related to the steering system, speak with the dealer about putting in updated steering system software or equipment that can help.

Bottom Line:

If you are interested in reasonably priced access to luxurious and fuel-efficient driving, proper used Verano might be a good bet to call.

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