Looking For a Used Ford? Make it Your Own!



I’ve always thought that Fords are pretty cool. Perhaps it comes from the heritage – the popular Model T was first built in 1908, and is seen as one of the first cars that was available to the working class American. Fords have been stalwarts of the road for over 100 years. They have a reputation for quality workmanship, reliability and value for money. What’s more, Ford have continued to move with the times to create cars that are both stylish and practical. And there have been some truly iconic Fords over the years too. From the Anglia to the Mustang, the Capri to the Focus – Ford have formed a habit of reinventing their image powerfully. That’s why they remain a popular car brand the world over.

The Ford B-Max


Here’s why the Ford B-Max comes with my stamp of approval as a great multi-purpose vehicle.

Based on the Ford Fiesta (first manufactured in 1976), the B-Max is an example of Ford’s ability to ‘recycle’ elements from its most popular cars into something new – yet reassuringly familiar. The 5-door B-Max may bear a strong resemblance to the Fiesta, but, its added practicality and economy make it a more versatile car with a low running cost too.

The B-Max’s biggest USP is its ‘Easy Access Door System’ design. Not only is the central pillar hidden within the doors, the rear doors open by sliding back. This is a really useful feature for families – strapping children into their seats has never been so easy! It’s also great access for those with mobility issues. The space within the B-Max is also remarkably generous – its design is also geared towards being flexible enough to accommodate large loads.

The 1.0 litre engine is efficient but punches above its weight – delivering the equivalent power of a 1.6. This gives you the best of both worlds – power and efficiency, making for a nippy car that’s inexpensive to run. The B-Max has great features of both comfort and practicality. It’s slick, stylish and great for city commutes, family road trips and trips to the DIY store. Overall, the B-Max takes the MPV to the next level.


Why Buy New?


It may be tempting to look for the best new car that you can afford. However, why splash out on a brand new vehicle? The reality is that driving a new car off the forecourt for the first time wipes a huge chunk off its sell-on price. That means good used vehicles represent fantastic value for money compared to their brand new counterparts. You might be put off by not knowing about the reliability of your used car, but buying a great value used car through a retailer such as AA Cars can give you peace of mind by providing you with free breakdown cover and a free history check.


What Features Would Your Ideal Car Have?

Can you picture your dream car? Ok, so you’re thinking about something like a Ferrari or Bugatti, right? But then who’s going to use a supercar for everyday driving?! So let’s change the question. What features would your ideal everyday car have? In an episode of ‘The Simpsons’, Homer has the opportunity to design a car for the modern American. Let’s face it, it’s something we’d all do if we could! When you drive a car you should feel proud of your ride. What if I told you that you can create the car that you desire? As well as being incredibly cost-effective, buying a used vehicle in good shape provides you with an opportunity to put your ‘inner Homer’ to work! Discount, approved Ford car parts are available worldwide, giving you the opportunity to add cool features to your used car, without paying above the odds for them in a new car.


So it’s never been easier to transform a quality used Ford into a great car that’s both cool and unique to you. What are you waiting for?

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