How to Check for a Seized Engine on a Car

engine valves

Check and Prevent a Seized Engine The engine in your car is the result of countless hours of testing and engineering advances designed to make your car perform better and make it more fuel efficient. Engine seizures are usually caused by old age and neglect. Modern engines that utilize aluminum components are more prone to … Read more

How to Fix a Leaking Car Roof

seal leaking car roof

Stay Dry by Learning How to Easily Seal Your Car or Truck Roof Mike here with to bring you a guide to sealing leaking car roofs. We’re taking a break from talking about OBD-2 bluetooth adapters with this simple how-to guide. While this is not a common problem on most newer vehicles, we see it frequently show up … Read more

Four Used Vehicle Recommendations

Used Vehicle Recommendation: 4 Great Station Wagons Having a crossover brings a lot of things for you – a big wallet, a motor that blends well, and a lot of space for you and your family. Buy a station wagon along with a roof box for extra cargo space, and you’re ready family material, without a … Read more

Toyota recalls 1.43 million cars

Toyota Hybrid Car Recall

Problems for Toyota – Recall 1.43 Million Cars worldwide Toyota has given an international recall of 1.43 million models of their Toyota Prius and Lexus CT200h vehicles because these particular vehicles may have a problem with the airbag inflators. From the both models, the Prius is mainly on sale in India. A document from the … Read more