Are Hybrids Expensive to Maintain

Is a Hybrid Model of a Vehicle More Expensive to Maintain?

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We live in an age now where we are starting to see more full-electric and hybrid (electric + fuel) cars driving around. The largest attraction to this new style of vehicle is the lure of not having to pay at the pump. Most hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius are getting over 50 MPG! This is a huge improvement over many cars that usually get half that number. There are also new full electric cars like the Tesla Model 3 that do not even run on common gas and fuel sources!

In some circumstances, it might be the case that these electric vehicles are cheaper, and in most instances they are. The expense of maintaining a hybrid vehicle is actually very much like the costs of maintaining a standard vehicle. Aside from their advanced electric-drive engine units as well as the big battery pack, all the other hybrid vehicle systems are quite similar to standard vehicles. They probably will cost the same— perhaps even less to maintain.

Using regenerative braking, less damage is included on the standard friction brakes leading to longer pad life. Furthermore, full hybrids have the option to close the engine down, enabling the electrical engine to take over, leading to less wear on all of the engine parts providing for fewer maintenance requirements.

Still, there is an area in which maintenance spending of hybrids might quickly surpass the costs of conventional automobiles/ That area is the electric drive battery packs. Nevertheless, with advancements in this field of the technology (NiMH and Li-ion) and the advancement of the reliability, most hybrid producers guarantee a life for the battery packs for 80,000 to 100,000 miles.

And as increasing numbers of hybrid cars strike the roadways, real life experience is revealing that only few battery failures happen, but also there were many instances where the batteries have survived over 150,000 miles and even longer.

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