Four easy tactics to prevent car repairs in summer

man jumping car in summer

This temperature has us all struggling.. Just now I’m sitting on the chair with the AC cranked all the way up trying to catch a break from the 90* summer heat! So imagine just how your car feels

There are quick steps you can take to remain safe and prevent expensive repairs.

Maintenance can save you a great deal of money, however, I am not saying you must spend money for maintenance… There are certainly a number of things you could do by yourself.

Check the Radiator Hose

The holder of Community Tire Pros (a repair shop in AZ), Howard Fleishman , claims “once the vehicle is cold, get out and notice the radiator hose and once you find it is getting soft, it is time for you change it or it might lead to further problems on the road.

Windshield Wipers

He also adds, when it’s a hundred degrees outside, then your pavement is around 160 degrees and this may cause a variety of problems, particularly problems with the windshield wipers. He states it is a fast $15 part which can change into a $300 repair. The plastic might fall apart on the wiper so it can damage or cut your windshield. Howard states the common procedure is to replace the wiper blades each year, however, in Arizona for example, it needs to be done at every six months.


These guys are a very important part on your car and should always be taken special care of in the Summer or Winter time. Tires are some other things thing which can also fall apart, considering the heat. Take into account that for every ten degrees of temperature, you are likely to increase the tire pressure by one pound, therefore adding a lot of air in your tire can trigger a blowout.

The difficulty for most people is understanding the proper tire pressure for their car.  Every tire displays their maximum pressure, however keep in mind the tire itself could get on 100 different cars so never make use of number on the tire.  Just look at the user’s manual or door placard for the proper tire pressure.

Also, simply because the tire looks great on the exterior doesn’t suggest it is good inside so frequently have your tires inspected by a skilled professional, particularly before you get on a summer trip.

Dead Battery

As a final point, never assume your battery is excellent simply because you paid a lot of cash for it.  Have in mind that even the best battery nowadays, for which is claimed to have a lifetime guarantee, will go bad somewhere between 3-4 years. especially if you like somewhere with harsher conditions like Arizona.

So don’t let car repairs stop you from enjoying some fun in the sun this summer! An ounce of prevention is worth something… This heat must have really gotten to me 🙂

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