The Eight Best Family Cars For You And Your Family

ScannerAnswer’s List of the 8 best family cars

When considering buying a new car, the wide range of options can be overwhelming. Despite the fact that know that you want a small crossover SUV, almost every single car maker has one to offer today, and almost all of them are quite good. When you do not have your choice simplified to a specific segment, it can be even more complicated. That is a scenario in which numerous families find themselves when they’re looking for a new car. In the end, you’ll find all kinds of cars nowadays that tout themselves as great for families, but what does that truly mean?
In order to help the buyers, Kelly Blue Book takes a group of family cars every year and puts them through their paces to generate  a list, or cheat sheet, of the best bets in the family car game. This list takes into account driving and comfort, cargo space, safety, child seat readiness, rear seat entertainment, and any other additional features. So which cars are the best? You can check in below.

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1. Chevrolet Impala

The Impala is actually a big and comfortable full size sedan, which offers a big trunk and lots of rear seat legroom. You can get a well furnished indoor space along with functions and technology to enjoy, and that make this vehicle almost a luxury model.  Also, this model is the only full-size vehicle that made the list.

2. Chevrolet Tahoe

For families who will need all the space that a minivan can provide but can’t quite take the minivan plunge, the Tahoe can be a great full-size SUV choice. It can seat up to 9 people while there is still space for luggage. And even though it’s big, it has a comfortable ride. The Tahoe is even perfect for families who require extra towing capability compared to what you may get with a crossover.

3. Ford F-150

For those families who want a truck but they also need to tow, the F-150  is here to offer the highest towing capacity in its class. It is been remodeled with a the much more bold look and advanced interior which is commodious and well thought out. The offered 2.7 liter Ecoboost V6 motor is able to offer superb gas mileage for this full-size truck.

4. Nissan Pathfinder

Any family that is looking for a midsize SUV is destined to appreciate the Nissan Pathfinder. This model comes with a backseat monitoring camera, a commodious interior, plus a third row seating.

5. Honda Civic

For families who are looking for affordable and yet trustworthy transport, the Civic is KBB’s pick. It offers great fuel economy, and with its low starting price, and premium features like a standard backup camera this car can be a great choice.

6. Honda CR-V

The CR-V’s design change is lovely, however it is not-too wild of a departure from the previous generation. You get all the comfort and stability of a streamlined Honda, however, with additional room compared to the Civic, additional upright seating, plus the choice of all-wheel drive.

7. Honda Odyssey

The king of functionality, the Honda Odyssey comes back to the list this year with a variety of family features. Not only flexible seating and plenty of storage, but there is additionally a vacuum included, for cleaning up those inevitable spills. Plus, it is kind of fun to drive, at least as far as minivans go.

8. Toyota Sienna

The fact that it is a minivan makes the Sienna a very functional and flexible choice. Its flexible seating along with the back seat entertainment features are designed to make it an ideal pick for families, especially on long trips. The Sienna also is the only minivan, which is available with all-wheel drive.

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