Cool Ways to Modify Your Car


Make your ride stand out from the crowd with these sweet car mods

Looking for something cool to do with your car? Modifications, or modding, is fantastic fun and a great way to add some personality and style to your ride. It is a way of customising and improving your car and there are all kinds of terrific mods to consider. You may not want to transform your vehicle into a loud high-performance vehicle, but there are a few easy mods for beginners to improve the look and/or performance.


Faded mirrors can really bring down the appearance of a car. To give your vehicle a head turning upgrade, consider upgrading to an old-fashioned metal mirror or something slightly alternative (make sure that it fits with the appearance of your car).

Cold-Air Intake

If you want to improve the performance of your car, a cold air intake is the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to do this. This will improve acceleration and fuel economy by allowing cold air to flow easily into the internal-combustion engine.

Performance Exhaust

If you do an intake mod, it is also a good idea to replace your exhaust with a performance exhaust. In addition to giving your ride an almighty roar, a performance exhaust can also improve fuel economy and save you money.

HID Headlights

Installing an HID headlight kit mod is great cost effective way to improve driving visibility and add some cool style points to your car or trunk. The High-Intensity Discharging lights illuminate the night and let you see much further down the road. They also add that “cool blue” or white look instead of that ugly halogen yellow color.


Much like a great pair of shoes can really improve an outfit, having stylish wheels can transform your car’s appearance and give it a boost. However, be careful with what you choose as the wrong wheels could look terrible and turn heads for all the wrong reasons.

ECU Remap

Another excellent and straightforward performance mod, an ECU remap can unlock the vehicle’s potential by lifting restrictions on the car’s onboard computer. The ECU is the brain of the car and controls how the engine works. The default settings are not the best settings as they have to consider aspects such as climate and laws, but a remap can enhance the car’s performance with ease.

Selling a Modified Car

These are a few cool mods that any motorist can do to improve their car. Mods like this are also worthwhile if you plan on selling the car down the line. By improving both the looks and performance of the vehicle, you can easily add on a few extra hundred to the asking price. There is an enormous modding community and desire for modified cars, so if you do want to sell then you should very easily be able to find a keen buyer.


If you do decide to sell your modified car, it is worth getting a car check carried out in advance. These checks look into the vehicle’s past and uncover any major issues that it has in its history. It is important that you get this carried out and show it to prospective buyers so that you can give them peace of mind. The used car market is one that is filled with scams and fraudulent sellers, so showing that you are a genuine seller and that your car has no secrets is crucial.


Car modification is great fun and a very cool way to improve the look and performance of your automobile. Many are daunted by the idea of car modification, but it can actually be very easy and affordable to get started and you can start with a number of small mods.

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