How to Use a Diagnostic Code Reader

How to Use a Diagnostic Code Reader

Hey there I’m Vince and today we’re going to talk about how to use a diagnostic code reader. The process can be explained in a single paragraph. It’s really nothing more than plugging in the scanner to display the trouble codes. It’s that easy. But hold on there turbo, the job is not yet done! After … Read more

The Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter in Stores

OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter in stores

  Vince here. Why settle for a wired scanner if you can get your hands on an obd2 bluetooth adapter in stores? These relatively affordable devices are simple to use. The Bluetooth adapter plugs easily in the OBD2 port of your vehicle. All that is needed is to pair your smartphone or tablet with an … Read more

OBD2 Scanner that Reads Transmission Codes

5 speed transmission shift knob

How to troubleshoot common transmission issues   Hey, Vince here. Allow me to tell you the ugly truth: transmission problems are one of the most difficult to diagnose. Even with the help of an OBD2 scanner that can read transmission fault codes, the root of the problem usually can’t be fixed by a simple bolt-on … Read more

Choosing The Best Nissan OBD2 scanner (2019 Edition)

Best Nissan OBD2 Scanners Main Image

The 3 Most Affordable OBD2 Scanners for Nissan My Three Favorite Picks: Hello there! Vince from Scanneranswers to bring you another round up of awesome OBDII adapters. Our friends have been asking us about the best Nissan OBD2 scanner for the price, and those questions brought about this article. We originally wrote about this back in … Read more