Four of the Best Octane Boosters and Additives with Reviews (2019 update)

best octane boosters and fuel additives

Vince here with ScannerAnswers  and today we’re talking about fuel additives and octane boosters. As a vehicle owner, you know how important fuel efficiency is. These days my buddies (Mike and Matt) call gasoline “liquid gold.” It seems we’re always trying to eek out that little extra fuel economy from our Dodge Cummins or even Ron’s Toyota … Read more

How to Check for a Seized Engine on a Car

engine valves

Check and Prevent a Seized Engine The engine in your car is the result of countless hours of testing and engineering advances designed to make your car perform better and make it more fuel efficient. Engine seizures are usually caused by old age and neglect. Modern engines that utilize aluminum components are more prone to … Read more