How to Remove a Stripped Oil Drain Plug

Remove a Stripped Oil Drain Plug

How to Remove a Stripped or Rounded Oil Drain Plug Matt here. Have you ever wondered how to remove a stripped oil drain plug bolt? You know that feeling when your socket wrench slips and you pull it off the bolt only to see that the head of the bolt is rounded off. Last time … Read more

Best way to remove haze from headlights

red car with clear headlight

Learn how to keep your headlights shining bright for the life of your car! You know when you’re driving down a country road at night and the car right behind you leaves their headlights on high? That happened to me recently … but I wasn’t annoyed. I was relieved! Those high-set and bright beams made … Read more

How to Read Live Data From OBD II Scan Tools

Mechanic reading live data obd2 scanner

Using OBD2 scanner to troubleshoot live engine sensor data Hey I’m Matt – Most DIY car fixes can be easily achieved using a basic OBD2 scan tool and today we’re going to help you understand how to read live data from OBD ii diagnostic scanners. It doesn’t matter if you have a wired or wireless code … Read more

Best Way to Restore Exterior Black Plastic Trim

black car headlight

Why Does Black Trim Fade So Quickly? As your vehicle ages, your black trim pieces will first begin to dull and then turn gray. This oxidation and sun-bleaching process will begin to dull bumpers, rubber moldings, fender flares, plastic trim pieces, and grilles even in a year or less. They can also be stained by … Read more

Denso PK20TT Platinum Spark Plug Review

Denso PK20TT Platinum Spark Plug Review

The Best OEM Spark Plug Replacement? Denso PK20TT Hey there! I’m Vince and when I’m not tinkering with cars at the shop, I’m helping friends and family fix their cars and save money! Today I’m talking about spark plugs, and more specifically, the Denso PK20TT platinum tip. These are an awesome, low-cost, and near OEM spec spark … Read more

5 Causes and Symptoms of water in gas tank

Hi there my name is Vince, and today we’re talking about water in gas tank and how to remove the water if you get it in your vehicle’s fuel tank. What’s so bad about a little water in the tank? The internal combustion engine is designed to only suck in water and fuel. If water happens … Read more