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Scammers nowadays often use different methods simply for their own benefit. No exclusion from this are the used car dealerships. So, the used car buyers must be cautious of unethical businesses and individuals which could try to sell malfunctioning or damaged cars without unveiling automobiles’ background. Take into account that many vehicles are usually sold through wholesale auto auctions and next transferred across the America.

Many of these damaged cars might be unreliable. As outlined by the Department of Motor Vehicles, automobile mechanics might be able to hide most of the damage that the vehicle might have, however it is hard to fully repair an engine that has been wrecked.

So, we offer some tips and strategies that buyers could use to determine if a vehicle is damaged before they decide to buy it:

1. Carefully check the vehicle.

Make sure you inspect all gauges on the dashboard to be certain they’re accurate, and check the trunk, glove spaces, seats and dashboard for signs of dirt, corrosion or even water damage. If the vehicle has spent much time without proper care there could be many indications of water damage. This could include mold or water stains, even some sand under the vehicle carpet .

2. Do a simple smell test.

As outlined by the Federal Trade Commission, a heavy smell of disinfectants or  cleaners is an evidence of a person try to mask a mold or stink problem. Also, test the windshield wipers, lights, turn signals, radio, cigarette lighter, heater and the air conditioner a few times to make sure they all work properly. Also, check the wires under the dash to determine if they bend or crack.

3. Feature a mechanical inspection of the vehicle.

Before you buy any used vehicle, always get a inspection by a reliable mechanic. Let the mechanic check the vehicle’s mechanical and electrical components, and all systems that contain fluids. This might be some extra cost for you, still it may save you much more money in the long run. Use online review pages or ask a friend to find a reliable mechanic.

4. Ask to see a report of the vehicle’s background.

After you check the report,  If the vehicle’s history looks suspicious, you need ask the seller in a direct manner if the car has been damaged in any way. Also, any time you are purchasing a used car from a dealership, make sure you check out the trustworthiness of the dealership by visiting the online forums and reviews.

If you suffer – report fraud. If you presume a provider is knowingly selling a damaged vehicle or a restored vehicle as a  vehicle in “good condition” pre-owned car, make sure to contact your auto insurance company, and the local law enforcement agency. Also, you can report it and share your experience online, in the many forums as this could help and alert many others to a rip-off and fraud.


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